Publications 7 basic rules for communication with patrol police officers

A more sensitive subject for drivers than police officers, believe me.

So, let’s try to win a fight with the patrol police:

1. Turn the recorder around or just turn on the video on the phone. It’s the inspector’s reluctance to become a star on the Internet that will make him behave politely and appropriately.

2. Next, we ask the police officer to provide F.I.O.’s I.D., post and badge number. By the way, without a badge, he has no right to serve. Usually, after the first two actions, the police officer realizes that you’re going to be difficult, so he’ll want a good trip and look for a more spineless victim.

3. If the dialogue continues, find out the reason for stopping your car. Stopping for no reason is a violation of the law.

4. Do not step out of the car. You are not bound by any law. Lower the glass and communicate.   You write it, you bring it to your car, and you sit still, you study it, you write your objections slowly.

5. Special care to fill in the minutes. Do not dictate anything. Lose 5 minutes and write that the protocol does not agree, the rules are not violated and write a brief description of the situation. Because if you write «Guilt, repent», it will be impossible to prove otherwise.

6. Also, if the inspector is going to issue an order with a specific amount of fine, indicate in the explanation box Please defer consideration of the protocol due to the need to seek legal assistance." In that case, the police officer will set a time and date for the examination of the material at the National Police station, where you will be bringing a lawyer. In addition, not all cases of administrative offences are dealt with by the New Police.

7. Finally, based on my consistent practice, the most effective communication in the DMV. If you feel that the situation is getting out of hand, call the hotline of the New Police Department or 102 and report that the New Police officers are acting illegally with specific names and positions. Trust me, the reaction will be instantaneous

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