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Lawyer’s Consultation on Road Traffic Accidents in Kharkiv, Kiev

Unfortunately, accidents are very frequent. Most claims for damages in Ukraine are a consequence of accidents involving motor vehicles. Many of the accidents are minor, the damage to the vehicle can generally be solved independently, through direct contact with the insurance company. However, accidents resulting in death, injury to health or other significant damage are subject to criminal law jurisdiction and the penalty may be up to 10 years' imprisonment with deprivation of the right to drive for up to three years.

Мы, как адвокаты по уголовным делам, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Прибытие на место ДТП, анализ дорожной обстановки, "первая беседа" , участие в осмотре места ДТП
2 Сообщение в страховую компанию о произошедшем ДТП
3 Сопровождение при прохождении медицинского освидетельствования на наличие алкогольного, наркотического либо иного опьянения
4 Юридическая консультация, выбор стратегии и позиции защиты для Клиента
5 Участие в автотехнических экспертизах, следственных экспериментах
6 Составление заявлений, ходатайств, адвокатских запросов
7 Представление интересов в судах в различных инстанций

Car accident lawyer in Kharkiv with victim

According to statistics, in 2018 residents purchased 81,800 new cars in our country. In 2017, this figure was higher by 0.6%. This means that one in three families in Ukraine owns a new car. If two-wheeled and cargo vehicles are included, this figure would be quite impressive. The concentration of motor vehicles implies the increase in the occurrence of traffic problems, in the simple words of accidents. Large cities of Ukraine - Odessa, Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk and others, as well as interstate routes - are in a special risk zone.

From the legal point of view, a traffic accident may be incriminated both as an administrative offence (art. 124 Kup) and as a criminal offence (art. 286 Ukrainian Criminal Code). In any case, an accident lawyer may be needed to help clarify the situation and make it as harmless as possible for any participant. Do you need an accident lawyer in Kharkiv? The law company «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» is the all-round assistance of the lawyer during accidents, individual approach and qualitative services.

Role of Auto Advocate in Kharkiv

Legal aid in the event of an accident is one of the main aspects of the correct behaviour and consistent procedural behaviour of the party involved. The situation on the road may be the result of violations punishable by deprivation of liberty for up to 8 years and 10 years for a period of C.E. 2.3. 286 of the Criminal Code. Such offences involve the death of one of the participants in an accident or of a victim with moderate injuries. The assistance of a lawyer in the event of an accident is essential. Furthermore, it is important for a participant not to miss the moment to engage a specialist. The situation with the easy outcome is not so bad, but the presence of a specialist gives confidence in the precise procedural consistency and procedure of the law enforcement agencies as well as the accused party.

An accident lawyer with a victim should be involved in the early stages of the process. This will be safer and much cheaper in the aftermath. A specialist will be able to articulate a clear legal position, not miss the necessary evidence and prevent future errors in case management. Moreover, an accident lawyer hired on time will significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome in the future. 

For whatever reason, road traffic crash participants may be spotted and not seek help, too late, or worse, the services of an unscrupulous car lawyer. Trust me, it’s never too late to bring in a professional. Experience and awareness will help to emerge from even the most critical situation, analyze the evidence and build a defence. The consequences of neglecting a specialist can be irreparable.

An unpleasant road situation can happen to all of us, but it is important for a road user not only to get in time to see the road lawyer, but also to observe the correctness and sequence of actions:

  • Stop traffic, call the police and the traffic lawyer
  • If there are victims, provide immediate medical assistance and call an ambulance;
  • To place all the necessary signs to indicate the emergency situation on the road;
  • Find witnesses to the incident, write down telephone numbers for further communication during the trial or meeting with the police;
  • Never attempt to negotiate with the other party;
  • Never sign papers under stress without a lawyer;
  • Keep an eye on the incident before your legal aid in the accident arrives.

The car lawyer in Kharkiv recommends that such rules of conduct be adhered to by both the victim and the guilty party. The best option would be to communicate immediately with a specialist, which would help to properly process the necessary documents, undergo expert examinations and avoid reckless acts. The main role of the accident lawyer in Kharkiv is full control and monitoring of the rights of any of the participants in the road situation.

Our services

If you need a high-profile specialist, then the legal assistance in accidents from «RIYAKOO&PARTNERS» is what you need! The accident lawyer in Kharkiv from our company is a high-level specialist who can react quickly to any situation, clearly define the actions of the party involved and build a future defense. Atorapokat in Kharkiv from our team offers clients such complete list of services:

  • Advice by a lawyer in the event of an accident;
  • Protection in administrative cases of traffic accidents;
  • Protection against deprivation of driving licence;
  • Protection of the auto-lawyer in criminal cases involving traffic accidents;
  • Preparation of appeals, applications and motions;
  • representative in court.

A number of certain situations may arise after a road traffic accident, where legal assistance is required not only in the direct consideration of the case but also in other, additional matters. These services may include:

  • Regulation of insurance disputes after accidents;
  • Accident mediation;
  • Organization of an evaluation of the technical condition of the vehicle involved in the accident;
  • Recovery of damage caused by broken roads;
  • Help in disputes with car parks, taxi services.

You can ask for help from «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» company at any convenient time by phone, e-mail address or visit an office in the center of Kharkiv city. We are always ready to help in a critical situation or to solve a problem that has arisen after unfair work.

Why do clients choose «RIYAKO&PARTNERS»?

«RIYAKO&PARTNERS» is a company that offers only professional legal services. We are ready to take care of the client and provide advice in the event of an accident, as well as a car accident lawyer in Kharkiv. By using the services, you get a worthy advocate and consultant, competent and experienced in such cases. We provide comprehensive legal assistance in fatal accidents, grievous bodily harm and related legal services.

Contact «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» specialists at any time, since we work 24/7.

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