Defence attorney Юридическая помощь адвоката по военным делам

Defence attorney

The military theme is particularly acute in Ukraine today. The mobilization, demobilization, raising the morale of the army, its formation and the participation of the civilian population in all these processes, and more specifically its desire to participate, entail legal assistance. A military lawyer in Kharkiv is one of the most sought-after professions not only in this city, but throughout the country. The military lawyer is competent to provide comprehensive assistance and to defend the rights and interests of members of the armed forces and their families.

The law company «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» is experienced, qualified specialists of its business. Our company’s defense attorney will be able to answer any questions related to the legislation, as well as explain the specific nature of mobilization and military service. If this question has touched you or your family, then this place will definitely help.

Мы, как адвокаты в сфере военного законодательства, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Консультации в сфере военного права
2 Юридическая помощь участникам АТО, призывникам, мобилизованным
3 Досудебное урегулирование конфликтов
4 Подготовка и подача заявлений и жалоб в суды и другие инстанции
5 Защита в суде

Why do you need a war lawyer

The Military Advocate in Kharkiv is responsible for explaining the rights of soldiers, conscripts and their families. Most Ukrainian residents are not interested in military legislation for any reason. No one’s had to deal with this kind of question, no one’s been able to work it out. A military lawyer whose advice will fully clarify the rights of the conscript, the military officer, as well as the subtleties of issues of deferment or exemption from military service. One of the most important issues in this area is the protection of the military from wrongdoing and punishment. 

The most important issue for any military officer is the post-service benefits granted to him by the State. Very often, the combatants simply do not know what they can and do for themselves in an honest good. This includes the granting of membership status to the AP, acquisition of residential space, land and many restoration services. Our attorneys and attorneys are able to render all the assistance necessary for the restoration of justice to ATP participants, conscripts and others.

What is included in services «RIYAKO&PARTNERS»

The military advocate of «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» is a high-level specialist who is called to restore justice for his client-soldier. This includes both conscripts and those who have already been demobilized. The team’s work focuses on protection and counselling. The protection of the rights of members of the armed forces includes:

  • Appeal against the findings of the medical board;
  • Protection of the rights of members of military commissions and commissions;
  • Protection of the rights of conscripts;
  • Protection of contractual personnel;
  • Protection against avoidance of mobilization or conscription.
  • The Military Advocate in Kharkiv defends criminal and administrative cases.

The counselling service is even broader and includes various types of counselling for military personnel and their families:

  • Consultation in commissions, deregistration, change of propiska;
  • Clarification of issues relating to dismissal from service;
  • Assistance in obtaining the status of a member of the AP, as well as various benefits.

The experienced employees of «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» Company will help you solve any legal issues, as well as issue documents and receive privileges.

Why do clients choose «Riyako and partners»?

All legal practice shows that the basis of a successful case is the combination of two elements:

  1. Timely access to a specialist;
  2. The choice of an experienced and reliable lawyer.

The law firm «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» is ready to help its client in any difficult situation. The military lawyer will quickly tell you how to handle a situation, and the lawyer will be able to represent you in court. You can get an introduction at all stages of the appeal, as well as recommendations for action. Our specialists will give comprehensive advice to those who are just preparing to obtain the official status of a member of the ATP or a member of the military in order to enjoy all benefits and privileges.

In case of acute situations, experienced attorneys are able to defend your rights with the greatest possible efficiency. You, as a client, will only be required to contact specialists in time! Cooperation with our company promises pleasant prices, individual approach and all-round support in any legal matters.

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