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Nowadays «delivery» has become almost the only way for survival of business and for people.
Food delivery has become very popular, as there is no need to go to the store and most importantly we do not waste time on cooking.
Before you decide to open a successful food delivery business, it is necessary to create a so-called «business plan». For its profitability, it is necessary to pay attention to collecting up-to-date information about your city and the area where you decide to start your business.
It is possible to choose from several options the form of introducing a business:
1) Ready-to-eat (use food from restaurant, cafe, bars). Exclusively shipping. Achieve profit from the price difference.
«minus»- commission from each order (interest, which is often high) taking into account the cost of the delivery service itself for the client, regardless of the amount of the order.
-«plus» - minimum investment. Basic expenses consist of purchase of packaging.
2) Self-service cooking (at home or in rented premises. This form includes cooking and delivery, only in limited quantities on a pre-order basis. This includes: order taking - preparation - delivery to the customer.
«plus» with the order there is no commission, which means a large selection of available dishes.
«minus» costs of building a business from scratch starting with advertising.
3) Sale of semi-finished products (dumplings, varenes, etc.) and finished dishes.
4)Catering (servicing of large events). That is, to provide services on the site specified by the customer.
Each of these options has its own «pros» and «cons». 
After defining the form of work, it is worth paying attention to a place that would be ideal for cooking and storing food, and other moments.
In order to get the maximum profit in the market it is necessary to pay attention to advertising that will provide you with clients. 
It is also worth noting that the schedule of work is important.
For example, if it is between 10:00 and 23:00 (13:00), then you lose customers who want to order early breakfast. If it were to be round-the-clock, the lion’s share of such costs would be the remuneration of night-shift workers.
It is also worth paying attention to advertising and accessibility for the opportunity to familiarize with the menu to carry out the order.
You can develop a website or you can develop an application for a mobile phone or a bot with further promotion.

What documents are needed to open a food delivery business?

In order to work properly and not be afraid of liability to the state bodies that will want to make a check of your business, it is necessary to pay attention to the legal, on the legal side, the design of the business.
The first thing to start with is to prepare to register in the tax office and to decide on the form of taxation accordingly.
A person starting independent entrepreneurial activity is obliged to formally acquire the status of a small business entity, i.e., to register as an individual entrepreneur.
Many are often recorded as FLP, as this form is simple and cost-effective. 
Today you can register FLP without leaving your home (with the help of the available services of the Ministry of Justice or the Service Portal). 
Either go to the Centre of Administration (in order not to queue to the registrar, it is better to sign up through the site and come to the time and date convenient for you) with passport and identification code (preferably with several copies).
Fill in the registration form and you will be entered into the State Register of the opening of the FLP within three working days.
After that, the important point is the choice of taxation.
Entrepreneurs can operate under a common and simplified taxation system. 
In the common tax system, you need to make a decision with Kwood. 
Simplicity has its nuances.
It is the duty of the FLP to maintain an income register on a single system, to which entrepreneurial income is paid per day and, if there is no profit, the book is not filled in. 
    Profitable, for the food delivery business, to be a systems operator. This is because there will be expenses that can be confirmed (rent, salary, advertising costs).
    The introduction of DDM is important.
    If you decide to deliver beer or wine at the place of delivery, you should choose the 2nd-4th group, since beer is the product of the service.
As far as the payment of taxes is concerned, on the common system you have to pay NDFL 18% and military fee 1.5%.
On a simplified system, FLP pay a flat tax.
As for the Single Social Contribution, the FLP pays for itself independently of the form of taxation.
The counter will have to deposit the accounts (the time frame) depending on the form of taxation you choose.
    The specific features of this business are:
First: Documents from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service (SEI). This includes doing business according to your choice of premises (including cooking and further transportation, etc.).
Second: Permission to use the premises (documentation of the premises for the requirements of the fire service).
And if there are permissive documents, there are therefore organs delaying their existence.

Who can come and check on her and how do you prepare for her?

It was important to remember that there was a moratorium at that point in time.
It applies to scheduled inspections.
Unscheduled inspections are exempt from the moratorium. 
A complaint from a client or employee may be used as a pretext for an unscheduled inspection.
It can also be on the advice of «friendly» departments (for example, the tax will report about salaries less minimum, etc.).
In any case, if you are checked, the first thing you should pay attention to is the service certificates and the direction, which must be signed by the head of the department with his FIO and seal.
It’s important to remember that you have the right to be present at the screening.
Whatever the case may be, the inspection authorities will always find a reason not to be afraid of them.

Now you know how to start a catering business. The main thing to start your work properly is to take into account all legal aspects when registering a business and then you are not afraid of any test. It is not for nothing that they say: «As you name the ship, so it will sail». In view of the above nuances and compliance with all the recommendations, your business will soon be recouped and will be stable in bringing income.

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