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Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультации по вопросам договорной и претензионной работы на предприятии
2 Разработка и составление базовых договоров
3 Анализ договоров контрагентов
4 Проведение переговоров с контрагентами
5 Составление претензий и отзывов на претензии
6 Досудебное и судебное урегулирование споров

How does the professional drafting of contracts take place


In accordance with the Civil and Commercial Codes, the formalization of relations between legal entities (or an individual and a legal entity) in most cases is carried out in writing, in particular by concluding an agreement or contract. Such a contract:

  • establishes rights and obligations for the parties;
  • in form and content must comply with the law;
  • will be used as an additional source of law in court proceedings.

Considering the number of types of contracts provided for by the Civil Code and other legislative acts, as well as the general principle of freedom of contract, which allows the parties to enter into transactions with any content that does not contradict the law, the correct drafting of the contract is a task for a professional lawyer. In addition, even standard legal relations in each case have their own characteristics that must be taken into account when drawing up a contract.

RIYAKO & PARTNERS reminds: the use of template documents or projects of counterparties without checking for compliance with current legislation and legal analysis of contracts may entail undesirable legal and material consequences for your business.

Development of contracts in Kharkov and Kiev

RIYAKO & PARTNERS will provide your business with the correct design of business relations without template documents and dubious projects. We provide services for the development of contracts and claims in various industries and fields of activity. Contractual and claim work carried out by professionals will help:

  • avoid litigation (or increase your chances of winning a trial);
  • relieve yourself of unwanted or illegal obligations;
  • to receive a recovery from the counterparty in case of violation of the terms of the contract;
  • settle relations on favorable terms;
  • properly prepare tax, financial or legal reports for regulatory authorities.

Ultimately, correctly drawn up contracts contribute to the growth of the overall efficiency (and hence profitability) of the company's work, and thanks to RIYAKO & PARTNERS you can get high-quality legal support of contractual relations even without having a full-time lawyer.

Services for contract and claims work for business RIYAKO & PARTNERS

Our lawyers provide the following package of services for contractual and claims work for business:

  • legal advice on contracts;
  • development of contracts from scratch;
  • legal analysis of contracts for compliance with legislation;
  • professional assessment of legal risks;
  • making amendments and adapting existing contracts;
  • preparation of claims in case of default by the counterparty;
  • development of draft responses to claims from counterparties;
  • assistance in the pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

If necessary, RIYAKO & PARTNERS provides comprehensive services to the enterprise with full development and adjustment of the mechanism of contractual, claim and claim work of the company. In addition, you can order the development of a package of contractual documentation, including standard contracts, claims and other documents used in interaction with counterparties and conducting business.

Interaction mechanism

RIYAKO & PARTNERS provides legal services to an outsourcing business, therefore, our relationship with a client is built according to the following algorithm:

  • you contact RIYAKO & PARTNERS in any convenient way, describing your problem or goal;
  • a preliminary consultation of a lawyer on contracts is carried out, with the choice of the most appropriate service and the determination of the cost of the service based on the complexity of the problem;
  • we sign an agreement for the provision of legal services on the agreed terms. We are open to dialogue and are always ready to listen to the client's suggestions when drawing up a contract;
  • RIYAKO & PARTNERS specialists perform a set of works stipulated by the contract;
  • you get the result (contract template, claim, contract documentation) and pay the cost of the contract.

Interaction and communication with the client is ongoing in order to take into account all the features of your company when drawing up a contract or claim. If necessary, our lawyer can visit your office to directly examine the documents, the mechanism of work, or find out other information necessary for the drafting and analysis of contracts.

Lawyer for contractual and claims work for your business

To get preliminary legal advice or order one of the above services, call the contact phone number or write to us in the chat. Tell us about your task and we will develop the most effective mechanism for its solution, taking into account the specifics of the regulation of your business activities.

RIYAKO & PARTNERS provides services for the development of contracts in Kharkov, as well as in a remote format in other cities of Ukraine.

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