Contract and claim work in the enterprise

Drafting contracts, claims of any complexity. Business correspondence

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультации по вопросам договорной и претензионной работы на предприятии
2 Разработка и составление базовых договоров
3 Анализ договоров контрагентов
4 Проведение переговоров с контрагентами
5 Составление претензий и отзывов на претензии
6 Досудебное и судебное урегулирование споров

How is the professional development of contracts taking place?

Written agreements are now an integral part of almost any transaction. They are often encountered by managers of different companies. It is important, however, that they be made up of experienced lawyers and lawyers. To protect their interests, large enterprises, small and medium-sized business firms and individual entrepreneurs can use the services of our company, such as contract development, contract analysis and claims preparation.

Basic nuances

The objectives of the contracts vary from leasing a commercial premises to opening a joint-stock company. Each case had its own characteristics, most of which were taken into account in the model forms of treaties. Such templates were readily available on the Internet, but it was better to use a professional lawyer to draw up an individual agreement. And that’s why:

  1. The document will not only comply with the legislative requirements but will also protect your interests, whereas the model forms fulfil only the first function.The originator of the contract guarantees its validity. When downloading on the Internet, the user of the network cannot be sure as a form.It is possible to include additional items, which are used by many entrepreneurs. This will allow the transaction to be as detailed as possible so that no further problems can arise. Because you don’t know if the counterparty is really reliable and honest, and the legislation at the moment has many controversial paragraphs, which often leads to conflict and court.
  2. Besides, specialists of our company always approach to rendering services on development and analysis of the contract in a comprehensive manner. This means that they will not only produce a good text, but will also assess the risks involved in a transaction and try to minimize them.

The cost of drawing up contracts in our company is quite reasonable. It depends on the scope of the agreement and the detail of the text, the individual requirements of the client, the urgency of executing the order. In any case, the price of the work in question would be many times less than the potential losses in the use of the templates or oral agreements.


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