Law news Changes in judicial practice

Changes in judicial practice

Today, judicial practice as a whole is undergoing significant changes.
First of all, with the introduction of new legislation. One of the most dynamic is the area of property protection.

Apart from the courts of first instance and appeal, it is worth noting that even the Supreme Court makes decisions, sometimes fundamentally changing the legal positions that the Supreme Court of Ukraine has been forming for years.

The aim of the Institute of Property Reclamation in the Interests of the Owner is to protect the rights of the rightful owner of the property and of the bona fide purchaser as effectively as possible.
Reclamation of property from illegal possession prevents invalidation
chain of illegal real estate transactions and allow the court to consider the case as quickly as possible.

An important aspect is that, in practice, the machinery for reclaiming property must comply with the general principles and rules adopted in the field of State registration of rights in immovable property.

What principle is that?
What rules govern the state registration procedure today?
What problems can a person who is suing for reclaiming property from someone else’s illegal possession face?
How can the rights of the purchaser of such property be effectively protected?
What is the role of disposition contracts?

to these and other questions you can find in the article of Nikolay Maximov - the lawyer, the head of the civil practice of UC "Riyako & Partners" for the publication "League & Law" on our site:

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