Publications How can we legitimize the redevelopment?

How can we legitimize the redevelopment?

Often, owners of flats and houses do not pay sufficient attention to the need to legalize the alteration/renovation of premises after the renovation. This question arises only in the case of the sale of an apartment or a house, where the different housing area is indicated in the technical passport and the document of title.

It is important to understand that redevelopment is a repair and construction work that involves changing the internal configuration of the apartment without affecting the supporting structures and walls. Most often, redevelopment refers to the removal of old (unbound) walls or the erection of new walls/partitions that do not affect the housing structures.

Retrofitting - changes in the state and location of engineering equipment (gas, drainage, etc.). The refurbishment includes the movement of plumbers, the improvement of toilets and sanitary facilities.

It is important to remember! Changing the functional function of a space from a dwelling to a non-residential and vice versa is not allowed!

Step 1. Before starting the renovation, you should apply to the local City/Village Council for permission to renovate the dwelling. The application must be supported by a redevelopment project approved by the construction organization and an opinion of the sanitary and epidemiological services, the fire service and the architectural and construction department of the local council. After that, within a month, a special commission will visit you, which will check the technical condition of the apartment.

Step 2. Monitoring the approval by the local Urban/Township Council of the redevelopment of the dwelling. After you have a local council decision indicating that you are granted permission to renovate the accommodation, you may proceed with the renovation.

Step 3. After the redevelopment/refurbishment of the accommodation, a special commission will visit you again, and if you comply with all building rules and regulations, a certificate will be drawn up for the current technical condition of the premises.

Step 4. If, as a result of the redevelopment/redevelopment, the living area of the apartment has changed, an application must be made to the head of the board for the issuance of a new certificate of ownership of the apartment.

It’s important to remember! If you are going to legalize the redevelopment/refurbishment of the premises in fact (You missed Step 1, Step 2), you will have to pay a fine (about UAH 500), get a project opinionthe construction organization to comply with all building regulations and regulations and only after that to apply to the head of the council for the preservation of the unauthorized redevelopment/refurbishment.

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