Publications How do I close the FLP?

How to close the FLP yourself:

The registration service is required to file an application for closure (form 12). In addition to the application, carry a passport.
Bank accounts must be closed and bank statements on financial transactions obtained and a bank closure certificate obtained.
The notary is required to certify copies of all previously obtained documents (patents, certificates, certificates of form 4-CPD, book on form 10, etc. documents), which are subject to mandatory return to the tax authority.
Deregistration in the tax office. We apply to the tax office at the place of registration, with such documents:
Declaration of termination of tax payer (Form 8-SRP)
originals and notarized copies of all earlier tax documents (patents, certificates, certificates of form 4-CPR, Form 10, etc.)
Primary documents on economic transactions (contracts, acts, consignment notes, etc.)
Once the above-mentioned documents have been handed over to the tax office, an unscheduled check will be carried out.

FLP, which had not reported to the Pension Fund for the periods up to 2011, is audited and reported for the periods up to 2011. However, the Pension Fund has not yet been audited. to the office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in its place of accounting. The following documents will be relevant: Application to the Pension Fund for verification, Report on the accrued amounts of the single contribution during the reporting year.
The last step - all the certificates received (with tax, FSU, bank and p.p.) are required at the State Registration Service.
However, self-closing of FLP can last for long periods of 3-4 months. As an alternative - closing the FLP can be entrusted to "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" lawyers and after a few days you will have closed the FLP.


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