Law news Commission stores will make you sell goods with warrants

Commission stores will make you sell goods with warrants

VU goods under warranty - commission stores will be forced to sell goods with warranty.

A bill had recently been registered in the Office of the Attorney-General to strengthen consumer protection. Today, the Ukrainian legislator actively implements European Union consumer protection standards.
The Bill proposes a number of changes, ranging from increased penalties for poor-quality goods to the establishment of a dangerous goods register.

What is a guarantee that its terms and conditions of its provision for each kind of goods and facilities are:

  • Ukrainian GC;
  • ZU "On consumer protection";
  • By the Order of the Collective Peace-keeping Forces "On approval of the procedure for warranty repair (maintenance) or warranty replacement of technically complex household goods".

Most often, however, it is not the seller’s responsibility to provide a guarantee to date.

Also, not all products are guaranteed. Most often, the warranty period begins with the delivery of the goods to the buyer (2 years for the goods, the construction project - not more than 10 years from the date of the transfer to the user) and is noted in the documents attached to the documents on the goods or the facility.

What the bill proposes - has told for journalists the lawyer, the head of civil practice of UC "Riyako & Partners" Nikolai Maksimov.

The proposed bill proposes an interesting innovation - a guarantee for a b/y thing, which is mandatory. It will only deal with non-food items sold in commission shops.

"For non-food items that were in use and sold through retail commissions, the warranty period shall be set by the seller. This period may not be less than one year", the bill states.

"This rule shall apply to all non-food items used by other persons without exception. The Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine of 19.04.2007 104" On the approval of the rules of the retail trade of non-food items "the model list of non-food goods and the procedure for their realization in the territory of Ukraine has been approved "

It includes the following:

  • clothing;
  • jewelry;
  • shoes;
  • techniques;
  • furniture;
  • and other.

Counsel points out that the guarantee for the b/s of the goods will only apply if they are purchased from retail commissions. It should be recalled that commission shops do not accept the sale of weapons, army equipment, pyrotechnics, household chemistry, toy pistols with bullets, drugs, medicines, etc.

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