Integrated legal support for enterprises Комплексное юридическое сопровождение бизнеса в Украине. Защита бизнеса в суде

Legal support for business in Ukraine

Subscriber service is a complex legal support of enterprise activity on all legal issues arising during business activity. There are many legal sensitivities in the work of any enterprise that are important to bear in mind. Sometimes the slightest slip can cost the owner huge losses, fines and other troubles. How to avoid such problems? You can try to look at these issues on your own. But this is precisely the kind of mistakes that have been mentioned above. Or hire a full-time lawyer, but that luxury is expensive. Stable monthly wages and taxes can be devastating to the budget. And you can do it much more easily and rationally - order legal support for the business - and settle all legal issues. Interested? Come to us, please!

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Постоянное консультирование по всем правовым вопросам
2 Комплексный юридический аудит всех процессов предприятия
3 Вывод всех процессов предприятия в законные рамки
4 Защита активов предприятия
5 Юридический мониторинг работы с контрагентами
6 Сопровождение предприятия в отношениях с государственными органами
7 Защита должностных лиц предприятия от претензий правоохранительных органов
8 Судебная защита предприятия

Legal support for business in Ukraine

We are often approached by organizations that:

  • They’re taking their first steps in the business world.
  • They need advice on labor law and taxation.
  • Trying to adjust or optimize the workflow.
  • Periodic contracts and transactions are concluded in order to operate within a legal framework and to avoid risks.
  • They face challenges in filing claims.
  • Negotiating with business partners..
  • Involved in litigation.
  • Innovations in legislation concerning their sphere of activity need to be communicated in a timely manner.
  • They seek to obtain legal services on the most favourable terms possible.

This service will be useful for both small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of their field of activity. It makes it possible to work within a legal framework, to prevent accidental irregularities, to properly arrange the maintenance of records and other working moments. Support of qualified lawyers is a guarantee of smooth, successful and legal business. And it is far more profitable to order it not at a moment of critical need, but comprehensively, on a subscription basis. This is the only way to take all the nuances into account and prevent many potential problems.

What’s in the service?

Our experienced specialists will offer you:

  1. Comprehensive support of the business activities of your company. This approach achieves objectives by avoiding inconsistencies and solving problems as they arise, as well as reducing costs.
  2. Consulting on current issues related to your business - tax, labor, land, civil, corporate, banking, financial law, etc.
  3. Legal services for start-ups. Accompaniment of registration in State institutions and receipt of authorization documents. Support for internal documentation development and document management.
  4. Legal Audit. Review of compliance of activities with legal regulations, prompt elimination of violations.
  5. Dispute settlement and litigation. Development and dispatch of claims and claims, resolution of corporate disputes and external litigation, representation of client interests in court and other relevant bodies.
  6. Legal support for business when making deals. Examination of contracts or their drafting, participation of lawyers in the negotiation process with partners, support of transactions.
  7. Assistance in the sale, acquisition, merger, reorganization, separation or liquidation of companies. Conducting transactions of this type with maximum benefit for you, as well as legal bankruptcy.
  8. Continuous information support. Provision of up-to-date information from the legal and regulatory sphere, reporting on changes in legislation.


Why should you go to Riyako and partners?

  1. Our staff is staffed only by highly qualified specialists with experience in large organizations.
  2. We provide comprehensive support for the activities of enterprises, which makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of work.
  3. Our approach is result-oriented - it is really important that you not only operate within the legal framework, but can optimize it without incurring unnecessary costs.
  4. The service is 24/7 - lawyers are available on short notice at any time to lightly solve problems.
  5. The cost of services is moderate and the payment is accepted in any form comfortably for you (cash, payment account, online).

There was no need to be presumptuous about the various legislative issues. A sensible approach is to entrust the work of one’s life to professionals who will always provide a safety net and a reliable shield against any legal irregularities. Do not wait for problems to become known - do not allow them to appear! Our experienced lawyers are always at your service!

Contact us to order comprehensive legal assistance for your business right now!


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