Mykola Maksymov


Maximov Nikolay has worked in the field of law for more than five years, of which about two years successfully performs the work of a lawyer.

Maximov Nikolay is the head of the Law Company "RIYAKO AND PARTNERS" branch of services for individuals. Specializes and has successful cases in real estate, credit and mortgage disputes, corporate and tax law.

Experience and deep theoretical knowledge are basic to the high quality of services that are provided. During the practice of Maximov, Nikolay held about one thousand consultations, provided services in more than two hundred projects. Impressive statistics (about 90% of the positive conflicts resolved) and high service - a distinctive feature of the service direction for individuals in the Law Company "RIYAKO AND PARTNERS".


Education and access to legal practice:

  • Yaroslav Mudry National Law University, Mr. Kharkov.
  • Kharkiv National University of Mr. V.N. Karazin, Mr. Kharkov.

Knowledge of languages:

Ukrainian, English, Russian;


Working experience:

  • More than 100 successful real estate and mortgage projects that ended in favor of clients.
  • Successful resolution of disputes that have arisen between creditors and debtors.
  • More than 130 litigation cases concluded in favour of clients