Tax disputes and optimization Юридическая помощь в решении налоговых споров

Help with tax checks, cancelling tax decisions.

The tax system has evolved with the advent of the State and is rapidly evolving in the modern world. Like any system, it has many nuances that contribute to tax issues. As a result, there are tax disputes between entrepreneurs and public authorities. A tax dispute is a situation in which the taxpayer disagrees with the decision of the tax authority. The most popular issues are: improper taxation, timing of tax reporting, amount of penalty, registration of VAT payer. Only an experienced tax lawyer, who specializes in this field, should handle such matters. Timely access to specialists (tax litigation counsel) is an opportunity to avoid mistakes and tax disputes.


Andrei Timonov is a lawyer with more than ten years of experience, and an advisor to RIYAKO&PARTNERS.

The main specialization is tax law, advising business on tax planning and optimization of taxation of economic activity, protection of interests in disputes with tax authorities and in criminal cases related to tax crimes. 

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультации по налоговым вопросам
2 Оптимизация корпоративной структуры и формата бизнеса в целях эффективного налогообложения
3 Сопровождение всех вопросов по НДС и акцизу
4 Предоставление рекомендации при выборе бухгалтера
5 Работа с запросами налоговых органов
6 Сопровождение налоговых проверок
7 Обжалование оснований и результатов налоговых проверок
8 Обжалование уведомлений-решений и налоговых арестов
9 Сопровождение возврата налогов из бюджета

When might a tax lawyer be needed?

Tax laws are prone to constant changes and adjustments. Inquisitorial, there are many different tax issues. Our tax lawyers may be required to assist in such cases:

  • Violation of the payer’s rights;
  • Overstatement of tax liabilities;
  • In the event of the seizure of documents that are not related to the subject of an exit tax check;
  • Legal assistance in the verification of tax records, the correct establishment of a tax base, the return (over the measure) of taxes paid erroneously, the preparation of tax returns, statements of claim, appeals and the verification of the correctness of calculations;
  • Redistribution of tax liabilities in case of reorganization of the enterprise;
  • Assessment of tax and criminal risks, negative consequences;
  • Dealing with the penalties imposed and the imposition of penalties;
  • Administrative or judicial appeals against the actions of the Tax Inspection, the decisions-notifications, the acts of tax inspections;
  • Representation of client’s interests in tax court.

What are we offering?

Our tax litigation attorneys' work includes, inter alia:

  • Tax advice to clients on tax trade-offs, the construction of an optimal tax system, the main objective of which is to ensure the safe operation of the enterprise;  
  • Consultations on tax matters, on the basis of the current legislative framework of Ukraine, concerning the maintenance of tax records, their legal analysis and expert evaluation;
  • Optimization of tax accounting;
  • Legal support for tax inspections;
  • Assistance in the registration of the single tax payer, the drafting of written requests, the cancellation of tax fines and the preparation of procedural documentation;
  • Analysis of inspection reports;
  • Development of strategies and tactics to protect violated client rights;
  • Appeal against the results of tax inspections;
  • Representation of the client before the tax and judicial authorities;
  • Resolution of conflicts with law enforcement authorities;
  • Challenging decisions of tax authorities and administrative courts in tax disputes before higher courts;
  • Other tax law services.

Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?

If you have a need for legal services at a certain point in time, then we will be glad to see you in the company "Riyako and partners". You can contact us at any time, and the result will not wait for you. We guarantee:

  1. Quality services and high level of professionalism - we regularly take part in conferences, seminars and forums.
  2. Responsibility - we study in detail the problems of our clients, assess the prospects of solving conflicts.
  3. Save time and energy - solve any problems you have.
  4. Effectiveness - which is reflected in the trust of our clients, many positive opinions, availability of recommendations throughout the country.
  5. Flexible payment terms.

Our goal is to protect our clients' interests. Sign up for a consultation and you will be sure of our professionalism!


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