Hereditary affairs Помощь по вопросам наследственного права. Помощь адвоката в вступлении в наследство

Attorney for Hereditary Cases of Kharkov

Questions relating to inheritance are very important and difficult to resolve - sometimes legally and sometimes morally - property issues with relatives is always unpleasant. The interesting thing about inheritance is that, sooner or later, almost all of us have inheritance issues, so it’s better to prepare for them beforehand and get the advice of an experienced specialist. If you already have problems and you need lawyers to start a hereditary business and conduct in Kharkiv - the company "Riyako and partners" is always ready to help!


Anishenko Yekaterina - lawyer of the law company «Riyako&Partners».

The main specialty is civic practice.


Education and access to legal practice:

  • Specialist in Law, 2013. National Juridical Academy of Mr. Yaroslav Mudry - Mr. Kharkov.
  • Psychologist, 2010. National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine. Diploma with distinction.
  • She was admitted to the legal profession in 2017.
Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по наследственному праву
2 Сопровождение оформления наследства
3 Восстановление срока принятия наследства
4 Принятие наследства в судебном порядке
5 Оспаривание завещания
6 Раздел наследственного имущества

When do you need a probate attorney?

There are not many cases in which inheritance is not contested and can be accepted under certain legal rules. Inheritors often have problems with inheritance. There are many reasons for this. Among the most common are:

  • Missing the time for inheritance;
  • Contesting and invalidating a will;
  • The existence of a number of heirs to an indivisible inheritance and the division of the inheritance;
  • Lack of documents necessary to obtain a Certificate of Succession;
  • The need to assess real property or other property;
  • Protection of hereditary property;
  • Other heirs retain title documents for the subject of inheritance - real estate, transport, etc.;
  • Ascertaining the acceptance of the inheritance before the courts;
  • Recognition of a person as an unworthy heir;
  • Recognition of the dependent person of the testator;
  • The location of the estate;
  • Inclusion of additional heirs;
  • Allocation of the matrimonial portion of the inheritance;
  • Recognition of the ownership of hereditary property in court;
  • Establishment of filiation with the testator.

The above list is not exhaustive. Often, the assistance of counsel is indispensable.


What is included in the services of the "Riyako Partners" Company’s hereditary attorney?

  1. Legal advice to a lawyer in inheritance cases in Kharkiv on all matters of inheritance law, including reference to the laws and jurisprudence on disputes of this category;
  2. Legal analysis of documents (wills, sales contracts, other agreements);
  3. Assistance in drawing up a legal will;
  4. Assistance in the independent evaluation of hereditary property;
  5. Preparation of petitions, petitions and other documents for the court;
  6. Reinstatement of missing inheritance deadlines (the Kharkov Hereditary Cases Attorney will file an application with the court and present your interests);
  7. Drafting and sending of requests for legal advice in order to confirm specific facts and obtain additional information;
  8. Opening of a hereditary business in Kharkiv;
  9. Representation of the interests of the heir before the courts of all instances of inheritance in any category.


Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?

If you need a really experienced and qualified lawyer for the hereditary cases of Kharkov - you have come to the right address! Our company is staffed exclusively by professionals. Every lawyer in Kharkiv inherits many years of experience, successful practice and masters all the subtleties of dealing with problems in inheritance cases. When you come to us, you always get:

  • A reliable partner interested in the best possible outcome of the case in your favour (the Hereditary Attorney (Kharkov) will supervise the resolution of the matter from the moment it is referred to the employee of the company until the final decision of the case);
  • High professionalism in solving any legal problems;
  • the responsible executor, who will never disappear at the most important moment (inheritance attorneys (Kharkov) remain in contact with the client and never promise what they cannot do);
  • Convenient conditions of cooperation (the services of the hereditary attorney (Kharkov) can be paid by you in any way accessible and convenient for you, the system of discounts and loyalty programs is active).

If you want a lawyer or an attorney in hereditary cases (Kharkov) to really solve your problem, and not just "cut the makeup" by presenting a check for payment, you have contacted the address.

Don’t wait for the right moment - call us right now! The sooner you approach an experienced lawyer, the quicker and painless the matter will be resolved.



Порядок наследования: как быстро и без лишних проблем принять наследство?


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