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The stable growth of the real estate market in Ukraine and the financial situation of the population are helping to increase the number of transactions in this sector. At the same time, relations in the real estate sector are clearly regulated at the legislative level and at the same time remain one of the most difficult from the legal point of view, often with adverse consequences for the participants (fraud, fraud, illegal conditions of transactions, etc.). This is due to the large number of regulations and the combination of both public and private interests in this area. Therefore, in important matters, whether the purchase of housing in a new building or the privatization of a communal/State fund flat, it is necessary to have a professional real estate lawyer. Especially problems arise in big cities such as Kharkiv, where state structures and large developers do not always act «transparently» and in the interests of citizens.

When do you need a real estate lawyer?

Professional legal support is relevant in the following cases:

  • Registration of real property rights;
  • In the process of privatization of the apartment and its transfer to the private owner from the communal/public fund;
  • During the purchase and sale of real estate;
  • Representation in litigation involving real property or ownership (in such cases, a real estate lawyer is required);
  • Foreclosure through sale, barter and foreclosure;
  • For the correct conclusion of other transactions involving real property (for example, life imprisonment);

It is worth bearing in mind that the concept of «real estate» is not limited to an apartment or a house, it also includes land parcels and non-residential premises, which increases the number of legally regulated relationships, and consequently the situations in which a real estate lawyer is needed.


How can we help?

Real estate lawyers of Riyako Law Firm and Partners provide legal assistance in this field. The full package of services includes:

  1. Contract formation and analysis - the fate of property often depends on the terms of the contract of sale, mena, gift or lease. The legally correct contract must meet a range of regulatory requirements and represent the interests of the client, so it cannot be drawn up without practical skills and knowledge of the law. It is also worth consulting a lawyer when signing the contract proposed by the counterparty.
  2. Representation of the client before the public authorities and the court - the real estate lawyer will help to protect the legal rights in case of legal disputes with private or public persons. Besides, professional representation in relations with state bodies will save your time and energy and significantly increase the efficiency of the process.
  3. The preparation of procedural documentation - claims, complaints, petitions and applications are an integral part of the privatization of the apartment or of legal disputes and also require proper formalities in order to achieve the desired result.
  4. Full support of real estate transactions - includes assistance at all stages of the transaction, including drafting of the contract, negotiating to agree all terms with the counterparty, signing and executing them.
  5. Registration of real property rights - the contract itself does not make the buyer the owner of a dwelling or a plot of land. The State registration of this right is required for the acquisition of property. Problems at this stage often arise in the privatization of the apartment, and the service is often paid for. Registration can be carried out as quickly and financially as possible only with the assistance of a lawyer.
  6. Consulting on the above questions - if you do not need to support the purchase-sale transactions, but there are related problems or questions, our lawyers are always ready to answer them in the form of a private consultation.


Protect yourself from adverse effects

The number of fraudsters and unscrupulous sellers/buyers in real estate is higher than in other activities. Many factors contribute to this situation, including gaps in legislation, the low level of legal culture among the population and the lack of attention by citizens. Timely access to a real estate lawyer will help protect your rights and avoid being deceived.

If you have any of the above situations, please contact us at or fill out a form on the site indicating the problem. We’ll help you find a way out of a complicated legal situation!

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