Employment relations Юридическая консультация по вопросам трудового законодательства

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Employment in Ukraine is an integral part of a person’s work. An employment relationship is one that is based on an agreement between an employer and an employee to perform a second job for a fee. Today, there are two types of labour relations: a standard employment contract and a civil service (work) contract. In reviewing the employment contract, the staff member undertakes to perform certain work that has been assigned to him in accordance with his qualifications. He also receives various types of guarantees, compensation and privileges under current Ukrainian legislation. In the case of a civil contract, the staff member must understand that by entering into such a contract the employer hires him to perform only a certain amount of work.


Anishenko Yekaterina - lawyer of the law company «Riyako&Partners».

The main specialty is civic practice.


Education and access to legal practice:

  • Specialist in Law, 2013. National Juridical Academy of Mr. Yaroslav Mudry - Mr. Kharkov.
  • Psychologist, 2010. National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine. Diploma with distinction.
  • She was admitted to the legal profession in 2017.


Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультации по вопросам оформления трудовых отношений
2 Оптимизация вопросов, связанных с трудоустройством сотрудников
3 Подготовка предприятия к выполнению требований трудового законодательства
4 Подготовка сотрудников к внештатным ситуациям
5 Урегулирование споров с сотрудниками
6 Сопровождение проверок по соблюдению трудового законодательства
7 Обжалование оснований и результатов проверок

When may our services be needed?

As a rule, labour disputes arise for a variety of reasons: problems with the employment of an employee, improper drafting of an employment contract, violation of labour regulations, disclosure of business information, etc. Coping with this situation is quite problematic. In this case, it is necessary to contact specialists. Our lawyers will help if you need to:

  • Draw up and prepare an employment contract (contract) and amend them;
  • To resolve the issues that arise during the conclusion of an employment contract;
  • Support for labour disputes and counselling in the event of violations of working conditions by employees;
  • Legal advice in the event of downsizing or reorganization of an enterprise;
  • Advice on matters relating to termination of employment;
  • Comprehensive verification of documents in conformity with labour law;
  • Analysis and editing of personnel documentation in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
  • Representation of interests in State bodies.


Our labor lawyers can offer you

  1. Legal advice on matters relating to the protection of commercial secrets;  
  2. Consultations on the processing of personnel documentation, the regulation of labour protection, the formulation of personnel policy, and the analysis and investigation of labour disputes;
  3. Resolution of questions concerning the removal or imposition of disciplinary sanctions; combining work and study; resolution of pre-trial conflict situations.
  4. Protection of the employer’s rights regarding labour relations, representation of interests before labour commissions and courts;
  5. Legal supervision of labour inspections and supervision of inspections by supervisory bodies;
  6. Legal support for work-related issues;
  7. Assistance in filing and drafting claims;
  8. Conducting collective bargaining;
  9. Development and introduction of commercial secrecy provisions.

Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?

  1. We regularly upgrade our qualifications and ensure that our clients receive quality, professional legal assistance;
  2. Our lawyers will be able to defend your rights and interests throughout Ukraine;
  3. We have received many positive comments;
  4. We have experience in health care, energy, agribusiness, etc.
  5. We’re chosen, which means we’re trusted!

Do not waste time and ask for help from our "Riyako and partners" lawyers!

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