Land registration Юридическая помощь в оформлении прав собственности на землю, приватизации и разделе земельных участков, получении кадастрового номера

Legal assistance of a lawyer in land registration, registration number

Land ownership is an important stage in the confirmation of rights for each owner. This involves visits to various authorities and the receipt and processing of a number of permissive and other documents. It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort. That’s why ownership of the land is better done with professional support. An experienced land litigator would not only oversee and assist in data collection but would also greatly expedite the process.

Our Land Attorney will provide you with high-quality legal assistance in the processing and redevelopment of land parcels (land privatization), changes in their purpose, obtaining a cadastral number, association and division.


Maximov Nikolay has worked in the field of law for more than five years, of which about two years successfully performs the work of a lawyer.

Maximov Nikolay is the head of the Law Company "RIYAKO AND PARTNERS" branch of services for individuals. Specializes and has successful cases in real estate, credit and mortgage disputes, corporate and tax law. 

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация адвоката по земельным вопросам
2 Изменение целевого назначения земельного участка
3 Признание и оформление права собственности на землю
4 Обжалование отказа в приватизации земельного участка
5 Помощь в разделе земельных участков
6 Помощь в составлении договоров и сопровождение сделок

How can land be owned (land privatization)?

The procedure has its own algorithm. The order developed by «Riyako and partners» specialists will help you significantly reduce the time spent on each of its stages, as well as reduce financial costs. The lawyers of our company offer you full support of your actions (land registration in Kharkiv) in the following questions:

  • Development of a cadastral plan;
  • Conclusion of a contract for the preparation of technical documentation (plan and delimitation), receipt of a paper copy of the technical documentation and the corresponding XML file;
  • Conducting geodetic studies and cadastral surveys;
  • Harmonization of technical documentation in the various bodies (Administrative Services Centre with subsequent harmonization in the State Geocadastre, Architecture Office, Land Resources);
  • State registration (assignment of a cadastral number);
  • Preparation and submission of an application to the Kharkiv City Head for the transfer of ownership of the plot, with subsequent consideration of the issue at the session of the City Council;
  • Obtaining a legal act (title certificate).

Documents required to initiate the procedure:

  • A copy of the civil passport;
  • A copy of the Identification Code (PIN);
  • House registration (in the case of the area in which the house is located);
  • Documents authorizing the house (notarized copies).

The procedure for the issuance of land deeds includes other documents, a list of which you can consult with the land litigation attorney (depending on your specific situation). Among other things, a photograph of the land plot, the original extract from the State Register of Real Property Rights, a geodetic survey, a refusal to use the land further from the previous user, etc., may be needed. 

If you’re going to amalgamate or divide multiple plots of land, you should also be aware of the legal sensitivities. It is important to assign a new cadastral number to each parcel to be divided and one purpose to be combined. You can find out more about the details of the procedure after consulting the land law lawyer at the law company «Riyako and partners».


Assigning a cadastral number in Kharkiv.


The land parcel cadastral number is the individual parcel number, which is not repeated throughout Ukraine , consisting of a sequence of figures and signs, Land parcel is assigned at its state registration and is preserved for the duration of its existence (Article 1 of the State Land Cadastre»).

The assignment of a cadastral number is a mandatory procedure for the titling of land. 


Restoration of documents to the land of Kharkiv.

The lawyers of the company «Riyako and partners» will help you not only to register the rights, but also to restore lost or damaged acts. Our attorneys will prepare and submit a request for reinstatement to the registration authorities as soon as possible, and will explain which documents should be prepared and attached to the application.

As you can see, privatizing a plot or redeveloping it is not an easy task. When you do this on your own, you risk wasting a lot of time doing different things that may not be necessary in the end. Or alternatively, by collecting a package of documents and waiting in line for the next cabinet, suddenly you don’t have any important paper. In order to avoid this situation, use the services of a land lawyer. 

Turning to the lawyers «Riyako and partners», you will always be able to count on fast professional solution of the issue and flexible conditions of cooperation.

If you are interested in privatizing land in Kharkiv, any questions about the Gossemcadastre, decoration and redevelopment - you have come to the address! You’re gonna get help here!

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Приватизация земельного участка

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