Pension disputes Юридическая помощь в вопросах назначения пенсии

Legal advice on pension matters (pension administration through the courts, pension recalculation, transfer of pension abroad (from abroad))

Every citizen of Ukraine has the right to apply for State pension benefits upon reaching the relevant age and if he or she has completed his or her period of service (or has not done so). However, difficulties often arise in the implementation of this right, which cannot always be blamed on the complexity of bureaucratic procedures. It is very difficult for people far from the law to deal with such issues on their own. Moreover, it is likely that, without knowledge of the procedural and regulatory details, you will simply lose sight of the details that will eventually lead to incomplete payments. 

That’s why you need a pension lawyer. And in this company «Riyako and partners» is always happy to help!

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Консультация адвоката по пенсионным вопросам
2 Подготовка необходимых юридических документов: писем, жалоб, исковых заявлений, ходатайств, обращений и т.д.
3 Представительство интересов клиента в ПФУ (например, индексация пенсии или перерасчет), других государственных органах и в суде;
4 Комплексное ведение пенсионного дела
5 Помощь в оформлении, переоформлении, переводе (из-за границы/за границу) пенсии

When do you need counseling on pension issues?

The most frequent problems in the area of pensions are:

Not including periods of employment in the period of service;
Pension arrears;
Recovery of excess pension payments;
Recovery of pensions for unjustified refusal to receive pensions;
The recalculation of pensions (including the recalculation of pensions for working pensioners, Chernobyl-affected persons, concessionaires and military personnel, the recalculation of pensions by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Procurator’s Office, the courts, etc.);
Disputes over the amount of the pension calculated;
Non-conformity of occupational names and jobs in the employment record with the names specified in the regulations granting the right to early retirement;
Difficulties in establishing the special nature of the work;
Refusals to establish a pension (employment, old age or early retirement);
The absence of proof of seniority in a given period or in a particular organization for a specific post;
court pension.
The ideal option is to fix the pension in the first place correctly. In order to save yourself from unnecessary worries, to save your time and nerves, and to get a guaranteed correct result, you will need to consult a specialist. Lawyers or pension lawyers in Kharkiv will be able to draw up a pension by proxy, on your hands you will receive already prepared documents and exhaustive information about the new status of the pensioner and the conditions of its use.

It’s important to remember!!!

Errors made in the appointment or subsequent recalculation of the pension must be corrected. The slightest lapse in time could become a major problem for you, a trial and a court-martial. Any action by the Pension Fund may be appealed to a higher authority or to a court. With the right legal approach, you will not only achieve the desired result, but you will also spend the least amount of time on it. The comprehensive pension administration will be taken over by our pension attorney.


What would a retired lawyer do for you?

Our company’s lawyers and attorneys have many years of experience in pension cases. We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • Counsel’s advice on pension matters (detailed explanation with reference to current legislation and jurisprudence, as well as offering options for authorization for you);
  • Preparation of any necessary legal documents: letters, complaints, petitions, petitions, etc.;
  • Representation of the client’s interests before the FSU (for example, pension indexation or recalculation), other public authorities and the courts;
  • Comprehensive management of the client’s pension;
  • Assistance in preparing, redesigning, transferring (from abroad/abroad) pensions.


Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners":

  • Having entrusted work to us, you can be sure that the matter is decided by professionals with a high level of qualification and extensive experience;
  • Perform the work «turnkey» (at the request of the client) - from the preparation of the application to the decision on the case;
  • We offer advantageous and convenient conditions of cooperation and payment.

If you have any problems with your retirement or are interested in any legal details of the procedure, please contact us now! 

Prevent undesirable legal consequences and protect yourself from possible abuses - get help from pension lawyer in a timely manner. 


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