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Insufficient pensions for Ukrainians force many to find work after official holidays. Finding a possible job and difficulties with it is already a topic for another article. The majority of those wishing to continue work have two distinct options:

  • Stay on the job.
  • Find a new one.

The decision depends on what you want and whether the employer agrees to it. This is the easiest and quietest option. You don’t have to change a lot, get into something new and get used to new people. If I can’t do it with a little blood, then I have to get ready to find a new job. After settling in and changing your status, it is necessary to ensure that the state does not offend you in monetary terms and to keep all payments due to you.

The Pension Fund of Ukraine recalculates working pensioners. This procedure is quite spicy and has its own rules, methods and nuances. The existence or need to continue working is not the only reason for recalculating pensions of working pensioners.

Pensions of working pensioners may be recalculated in such cases:

  • On reaching retirement age;
  • The individual need to change the types or amounts of the charges;
  • The circumstances of seniority or earnings have been ascertained and have not previously been taken into account;
  • getting a raise, a raise.

How to recalculate the pension of a working pensioner?

The most common option for recalculation in Ukraine is formal employment on the ground of retirement. Formalization has the potential to increase the amount of benefits by increasing the length of service. The principle of accrual of such benefits is simple. In the case of formal employment, contributions to the Pension Fund are collected every month and seniority increases. Whereas previously, every two years it was necessary to apply for a recalculation, today, this category of citizens' pensions in Ukraine are recalculated every year from 1 April in 2019. These changes came into effect in 2018.

Pensions for working pensioners are automatically recalculated in 2019 in Ukraine. You no longer need to write a statement and collect other additional documents on seniority and earnings. The huge plus is obvious here. This has saved pensioners one problem - standing in endless queues when filing documents. But you can’t relax. Control of your finances is in your hands.

Recalculation of pensions in Ukraine 2019

More recently, pensions for working pensioners in Ukraine have been recalculated in accordance with the new Act, specifically the changes proposed by the legislators. The recalculation system in the coming year is divided into 5 steps for different categories:

  • Military pensions;
  • An increase in the minimum pension for persons aged 35 and 65;
  • indexing;
  • Working pensioners;
  • due to the rising cost of living.

So, what do pensioners expect in 2019? Three phases have already been completed since the beginning of 2019, the fourth phase is expected to be completed and the recalculation for active retirees is expected to take place from 1 June.

Stages are necessary in order to maintain consistency and priority. Moreover, the sharp increase in payments is a direct threat to the country’s economic stability.

The procedure for recalculating the pension of working pensioners is as follows:

P = Zsr * Kwp * Kz

The main factors taken into account here are the average wage, the insurance period and the wage ratio. This formula also determines the amount of the average wage according to the average wage of a Ukrainian.

other categories

In addition to those who still work and receive a pension, as well as military and socially protected sectors of the population, there are nuances in the calculation of compulsory insurance payments, which are dismissed or not employed at all.

Pensions of non-working pensioners are automatically recalculated. The increase in benefits in this case can only vary according to the increase in the subsistence level of the population, which is what is happening today. There are no other additional possibilities to increase the amount of compulsory social insurance.

The other category is someone who’s been working and getting paid for a while, but getting laid off. The retirement pension of an employed pensioner shall be recalculated in accordance with the latest legislative changes, taking into account the length of service and the insurance payments made by the person during his working life.



The recalculation of pensions in Ukraine in 2019 is proceeding quite rapidly. Many actions are planned that promise to increase the income of the socially protected segments of the population. Despite the number of increases, recalculations and their structured phasing, not all payments will increase this year. Among the lucky ones, there will also be nuances in the size of the payments. In other words, someone can get a few tens of Hryvnias, and someone can get hundreds. It’s not possible to tell exactly why this is happening. Nuances can be found on a case-by-case basis.

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