Debt recovery assistance Помощь по возврату долгов

Legal aid for the recovery of Kharkov debts

Contract law is the body of law that governs the relationship in the sphere of documented obligations. Services in this area include advice on the formation of various types of contracts, their avoidance or the invalidation of the transaction. In addition, contract law regulates the performance of obligations assumed by the parties and the recovery of moral and material damage in the event of failure to comply with the terms of the concluded contract.

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4 Расторжение и внесение изменений в договора
5 Расторжение договора пожизненного содержания
6 Споры по кредитным договорам

Kharkov Law and Debt Recovery Lawyer

Debt collection is one of the problems clients have with experienced lawyers. Unfortunately, it is still accepted in our society to lend money recklessly, guided by «Kumovsky» or friendly motives. As a result, there is a permanent loss of finances, frustration in friends, and a simple loss of trust in people. The most common arguments for non-payment are:

Repayment of legal debt

  • He didn’t take it for himself
  • I borrowed an apartment, and I couldn’t sell the old one
  • Lost his job, nothing to give.
  • Borrowed a car, but crashed it
  • From the beginning, there was no intention to give

 In any event, it is ungrateful and often unsuccessful to independently confront a debtor who stubbornly resists the fulfilment of its monetary obligations. Therefore, it would be a reasonable decision to consult a specialist. If it is necessary to recover a debt, the lawyer is ready to apply his experience and expertise to such a sensitive and painful case.

Will the lawyer help?


What could a debt collector do for you? Such an expert can solve the most complex problems of unscrupulous debtors:

 Debtor tracking

  1. Collection and processing of court documents
  2. Assessment of the debtor’s property
  3. Resolution of security claims
  4. Defence
  5. Pre-trial escort
  6. Disclosure of borrower cover-ups    

What steps should be taken to recover the debt?


The payback lawyer asks the client to prepare information about the debtor and its assets. Knowledge of assets gives a high probability of repayment. The debtor may have family ties through which it conceals reliable information about its assets. This point is also being studied in detail by a specialist.

Information would also be needed on whether specific repayment dates had been determined, how the debtor treated the matter, whether the creditor had made a claim, in what form and how many times.

The key point is the existence of a receipt or a loan agreement. But even in the absence of signed papers, a favourable outcome can be hoped for.

A debt-recovery lawyer would help to establish a legal position, conduct proper pre-trial procedures and draw up a claim. It was important to know that a statement of claim could not be based on a standard example. It should be individual for each individual case. Experience has shown that a well-crafted claim often leads to prompt repayment of the debt and the case does not reach the court.   

You need a lawyer in court     

Legal aid for the recovery of debts includes support in court proceedings. But why not have a professional lawyer? You’d think I’d downloaded a sample of a lawsuit on the Internet, filled in the right boxes, and go ahead. But the reality is not as simple as I’d like it to be.

 Often the debtors are not the simple ones they want to appear. At the trial, the debtors will find that they have a receipt that the debt has been repaid. And someone on the receipt will have the details of who took the money, but no information on who took it.

 The downside should also be borne in mind: sometimes the debtors themselves needed help. For example, the debt has already been paid, but out of frivolity, there is no document on it. Or the debtor has already had some of the property taken away from the promissory note, and the creditor continues to make claims.

Recovery of debt by counsel

 The confusing texts of the receipts often raise many questions and puzzles. That is why the repayment of debts (the lawyer deals with the intricacies of such cases) must be accompanied by professional assistance. A practice with many years of service would not only help to recover the debt, but would also require additional sanctions in favour of the creditor.

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