Assistance to victims in criminal proceedings Помощь по вопросам уголовного права

Legal Aid for Victims in Kharkov Criminal Case, Kiev

One of the most common legal services is the representation of victims in criminal cases. The purpose of this type of legal aid is to obtain compensation for moral or material damage suffered by the victim in the course of committing a criminal offence.  The victim’s legal representative (lawyer) has the right to collect and present to the court information that can influence the proceedings, to take part in the proceedings and to appeal their decisions.

Мы, как адвокаты по уголовным делам, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по уголовным делам
2 Помощь потерпевшему на до судебной стадии
3 Помощь потерпевшему на судебной стадии
4 Возмещение материального и морального ущерба
5 Составление жалоб, ходатайств и других документов

The status of the «victim» according to the Criminal Procedure Code is by no means everyone against whom a criminal offence was committed. To be an official victim, you have to make an official statement. Upon application to the relevant authorities, a person who submits an application acquires the status of a victim and enjoys all his rights and obligations under the law.

Article 55 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine clearly defines who the victim is. He is a person who has suffered moral, physical or material harm. Damage may be caused to a natural or legal person. A legal person may be injured in criminal proceedings only if property damage is caused to it. Minors acquire the status of «victim» separately. Minors in Ukraine are persons under the age of 18. A minor may be recognized as a victim only with the involvement of his or her relative, guardian or guardian.

The victims are defended by lawyers. If you or your loved ones have had such an unpleasant history and need a highly qualified lawyer, then you have reached the address! The law company «Riyako&partners» is the competent assistance to victims in criminal case, professional lawyers and the unified approach.

The role of counsel for the victim in a criminal case

The victim’s lawyer in the criminal case is a key figure, as is the victim himself. Once you’ve written a statement and the investigation process is underway, an inexperienced man is waiting for a lot of nuance, paper and subtleties, and he just can’t know them all. In addition, the victim often faces an undesirable bureaucracy. In such a case, precious time can be lost. The victim must be protected by a competent person. The victim’s lawyer is his representative. This role is assigned to him by law. The main advantage of a lawyer is his experience in such cases.

Remember, anyone can get into a bad situation. It is not necessary to rely on the luck or competence of other persons, it is better to turn to professional help. The prolongation of the trial, the unjustified closure and the other are only part of the manipulation that can be carried out. An inexperienced person might not notice them.

Our services

Qualified assistance to the victim in the criminal case is carried out by the legal company «Riyako&partners». Our representative is responsible for a number of services:

  • consultation;
  • Assistance in the preparation and drafting of procedural documents;
  • Assistance pending trial;
  • Representation in court;
  • Compensation for material and moral damage.

The basis of the victim’s lawyer’s work is the payment of pecuniary and moral damages. The victim’s protection consists in gathering information about the crime, examining all the detailed information. The representative is obliged to provide the court with information that may become a cliche in the resolution of the matter, as well as to act within the limits of the law, without violating the rights of the client and his opponents.

Why does the client choose «Riyako&partners»?

Company «Riyako&partners» is a staff of professional employees with experience in different legal spheres. Our clients receive only qualified assistance, individual approach, timely consultations. We are doing everything we can to ensure that our results are positive for you! We carry out all your tasks and can vouch for the competence of every specialist who works for us.

Cooperation with our company is an opportunity to communicate 24 hours a day with the representative, 7 days a week. The payment system is flexible in any convenient way.

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