Publications After the accident: how to expedite the payment of the insurance

Как адвокату, мне каждый день приходится сталкиваться с разными проблемами и наиболее часто я сталкиваюсь в работе именно с проблемами задержки и невыплаты страховки по ДТП.

The dream of any car owner is to get insurance payments faster.

To do this, you need to know exactly what to do. Break this process down into two steps: the actions at the time of the accident and the actions after the accident.

1.  So there was an accident. Your first action:

If there are victims, call an ambulance;
- to call the police;
Find witnesses to the accident, rewrite their contact details;
Once the accident report and the road map have been drawn up, read them and if there is a discrepancy, make sure that it is stated in writing in the same documents;
Naturally, no one shall change the position of the vehicles before the arrival of the police, even if you caused a traffic jam for a kilometre;
F.I.O. should be sent a copy of the accident, its address, vehicle number, insurance policy number, the number and contact details of the insurance company itself.

     In case you have the «heavy» person responsible for the accident, explain to him in popular language that he must immediately inform his insurance company about the accident and call the emergency commissioner, and then within 3 days to apply to her with the same written statement. And if he doesn’t do it on time, he’s the one who’s gonna be paying for all the repairs instead of the insurance company.

2.  Moving on to Phase 2. Your actions after the crash.


Within 30 days of the accident, but it is best to do so immediately, you must come to his insurance company and write an application for compensation and provide such documents:

     A passport, a code;

     - a technical passport;

     - rights;

     A report from the scene.

     And there are two other documents that are actually slowing down the whole insurance payment process: an extended police report and a court order. So, how can we speed up these processes.

     Extended certificate from the police. Don’t wait for the insurance company to demand this certificate from the police, it could take a couple of months. Let’s go and get this document ourselves at the police station. This time.

     And two. About the court order stating who caused the accident.

     We go to the court where the accident occurred, find out which judge is considering the material and when the trial is scheduled. In practice, it is usually appointed within a month of the submission of the case file to the court. Further, if the other side pleads guilty, we’ll make sure he shows up for trial. And after the ruling, take him to the insurance office yourself.

     Do not hesitate to perform these simple actions and you will be able to expect a quick payment of insurance.

     In my practice, I often observe cases where parties fail to comply with all the requirements of the law, apply too late for legal aid and, as a result, insurance companies refuse to pay insurance. Experience has shown that such problems can be solved, but only through a judicial process.

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