Publications Acceptance of a dwelling house: procedures, features, practical advice

Финальным этапом строительных работ любой сложности является введение объекта недвижимости в эксплуатацию.

Acceptance of a dwelling house:  procedures, features, practical advice

The acceptance of a dwelling house built on the basis of a building passport is effected by the registration by the State architectural and construction control authorities of a declaration of the facility’s readiness for operation.

The period of registration of the declaration is 10 working days, but depends on the number of ready documents provided by the Customer.

In the event that the building permit provides for the construction of more than one building, the said facilities may be accepted separately.

The principal requirements for putting a dwelling house into operation are the following:

Sanitary and epidemiological;
- fire-fighting;
- technical.

In order to confirm that the construction of the facility is not in violation of the above-mentioned norms and is in full compliance with them at the time of commissioning, it is necessary to obtain the relevant conclusions from the sanitary and epidemiological service, fire-fighters and economic agents, which are authorized to assess the technical condition of the construction facility.

It is important to remember that the customer (the person who built the facility) himself completes and submits to the appropriate State architectural and construction control body two copies of the declaration on the facility’s readiness for operation. Due to the legislation in force in Ukraine, the customer is responsible for the reliability of the data entered in the declaration, so we advise you several times to ascertain the accuracy and availability of the information entered.

The date of commissioning of the construction facility is the date of registration of the declaration.

The registered declaration is the basis for concluding contracts for the gasification of the object and the provision of other public services.

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