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Kharkov Family Litigation Attorney

Family law is one of the areas of jurisprudence that governs family relations. In particular, it regulates marriage and divorce, the payment of alimony in the event of divorce and the issues of parental rights and conjugal responsibilities. Family law jurisdiction covers such aspects of the relationship as the division of jointly acquired property, the establishment of cohabitation of a man and a woman without registration of marriage, etc.»


Anishenko Yekaterina - lawyer of the law company «Riyako&Partners».

The main specialty is civic practice.


Education and access to legal practice:

  • Specialist in Law, 2013. National Juridical Academy of Mr. Yaroslav Mudry - Mr. Kharkov.
  • Psychologist, 2010. National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine. Diploma with distinction.
  • She was admitted to the legal profession in 2017.

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по семейному праву
2 Расторжение брака (бракоразводный процесс)
3 Раздел имущества супругов
4 Алименты на ребенка (до достижения 18-летия)
5 Алименты на ребенка на обучение (с 18 до 23 лет)
6 Алименты на жену (бывшую жену, мать ребенка)
7 Установление порядка участия в воспитании ребенка
8 Определение места проживания ребенка
9 Лишение родительских прав

A good lawyer and family lawyer price in Kharkov

Additional services provided by:

  • Annulment of marriage
  • Increase, decrease in maintenance
  • Recovery of penalty for late payment of alimony
  • Granting of temporary State aid when maintenance cannot be recovered
  • Criminalization of wilful failure to pay alimony
  • Recovery of additional costs per child (related to the child’s development, illness, injury, etc.)
  • Recovery of maintenance for disabled parents in need of material assistance
  • Paternity determination
  • Contestation of paternity by a person registered by the father of the child
  • Renewal of parental rights
  • Determination that a man and a woman live together without marriage
  • Removal of obstacles that are created for grandparents, great-grandparents, great-grandparents in the upbringing of their grandchildren, great-grandchildren

Kharkov Family Litigation Attorney

Many lawyers find in their practice that most citizens are not aware of their family law rights. Few people are aware that both the marriage and its dissolution involve not only the maintenance of the children but, in some cases, the maintenance of one spouse by the other.

Not surprisingly, most people do not enjoy their legal rights because they have no idea about them. That’s what a good family lawyer is for. It is worthwhile to consult such a specialist as the client will receive full and reliable information useful for his welfare and safety.

Good lawyer for Kharkov family disputes

Многие полагают, что к юридическим услугам прибегают только в случае бракоразводного процесса и возникающих в нем острых вопросов. Споры вокруг раздела имущества, прав и обязанностей на воспитание детей, - как правило, этими вопросами и ограничиваются обращения в суд. 

На самом деле список проблем, помощь в решении которых может оказать адвокат по семейным спорам Харьков, довольно обширен. Это и вопросы усыновления, признание или доказательство отцовства, лишение родительских прав, опека над ребенком, содержание престарелых родителей.

Kharkov family lawyer

Also, few people know that, in the absence of parents, brothers and sisters of full age may be obliged to support minor family members. Only some of the issues that fall within the competence of the specialist are:

  • Dissolution of marriage by the courts with the division of property;
  • Annulment of marriage;
  • Editing of the marriage contract;
  • Definition of biological fatherhood (motherhood)
  • Proof of the rights of the father/mother;
  • Matters affecting the upbringing of children.
  • Deprivation of parental rights;
  • Restoration of the rights to bring up children;
  • Adoption
  • Payment of alimony;

and a host of other issues related to documents and family disputes.

Family Lawyer Price and Value in Kharkiv

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for family disputes to reach a boiling point where professional assistance is indispensable. A family lawyer (the price depends on the complexity of the problem, the timing of the solution and many other factors) will help with the delicate handling of private conflicts. Individualized treatment, confidentiality and respect for the rule of law will make it possible to overcome the difficult situation.

What can a Kharkov family law lawyer do

The Family Disputes Lawyer of Kharkiv, who is competent to solve legal problems, is guided by the Civil and Family Codes. These instruments regulate not only property issues but also moral difficulties. Only an experienced professional can reduce the impact of traumatic circumstances while taking into account the interests and rights of all family members.

 Many are concerned about the ethical issue of litigation. Guilt or unreasonable fears prevent the bringing to trial of personal problems related to a person who, until recently, seemed close and related. But not everyone knows that seeking legal aid does not necessarily imply bringing a case to trial.

On the contrary, the appearance in a series of unpleasant events of a professional lawyer, often reduces the conflict to «no» and allows to reach mutually beneficial agreements in a peaceful way. At the same time, no one will feel left out, because the lawyer (Kharkiv family disputes) acts within the limits of the law and carefully monitors the legality of the adopted agreements.

The Kharkov family lawyer

The lawyer for family disputes (the value is determined individually) when concluding the contract with his client is in the area of access in order to resolve unexpected questions on a priority basis and to give urgent telephone consultation.

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