Accompaniment of imports and exports Юридическая помощь в сфере сопровождения импорта и экспорта товаров на территории Украины и за ее пределами

Legal assistance of Customs Advocate, Escort of Imports and Exports

С каждым годом все большее количество предприятий выходят на международные рынки, что повышает конкурентоспособность продукции. Для грамотного осуществления поставок, необходимо тщательное изучение таможенного законодательства и другой нормативной базы. В результате чего, у собственников возникает следующий ряд вопросов: какие условия и схемы поставки товара, вид оплаты продукции, как осуществить страхование груза, избежать риски и множество других проблем связанных с внешнеэкономической деятельностью. Решить выше перечисленные вопросы без помощи высококвалифицированного таможенного адвоката невозможно. Таким образом, возникает потребность в юридическом сопровождении внешнеэкономической деятельности (ВЭД), благодаря чему, вы перестанете беспокоиться о вопросах, связанных с осуществлением импортных и экспортных операций.


Maximov Nikolay has worked in the field of law for more than five years, of which about two years successfully performs the work of a lawyer.

Maximov Nikolay is the head of the Law Company "RIYAKO AND PARTNERS" branch of services for individuals. Specializes and has successful cases in real estate, credit and mortgage disputes, corporate and tax law.

Experience and deep theoretical knowledge are basic to the high quality of services that are provided. During the practice of Maximov, Nikolay held about one thousand consultations, provided services in more than two hundred projects. Impressive statistics (about 90% of the positive conflicts resolved) and high service - a distinctive feature of the service direction for individuals in the Law Company "RIYAKO AND PARTNERS". 

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультации по вопросам импорта и экспорта
2 Планирование и оптимизация вопросов по налогам и сборам
3 Разработка и анализ внешнеэкономических договоров
4 Судебная защита и решение споров с таможенными органами
5 Судебная защита в спорах с иностранными контрагентами
6 Оптимизация деятельности предприятия к требованиям валютного законодательства

When do you need our services?


Foreign economic activity is one of the most sought-after areas of activity. However, it should be understood that the entire legal framework differs from the domestic one when entering international markets, which is why it needs to be thoroughly studied and understood in order to avoid risks. Based on this, you need our services if you need to:

  • Protection of customs rights and interests;
  • Legal assistance in drawing up and changing foreign economic contracts and in preparing customs documentation of any complexity;    
  • Consultations on current customs legislation, foreign economic activities, tax planning and foreign exchange transactions;
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates, special licences and quotas;
  • Registration of an enterprise as a participant in foreign economic transactions with the customs authorities;
  • Economic and legal expertise;
  • Development of certain import and export schemes;
  • risk and tax impact assessment.


What are we offering?

The solution of all details and details is taken up by experienced specialists, to whom you will get all necessary services, namely:

  • Assistance in violation of customs rights;
  • Analysis of foreign economic contracts (contracts);
  • Legal advice on currency regulation, legal advice;
  • Optimization of the tax system;
  • Assistance by a lawyer in concluding an external economic contract with foreign partners;
  • Legal support for investment projects;
  • Calculation of Customs taxes and duties;
  • Legal support for the enterprise’s foreign economic activity;
  • Preparation of claims, claims and customs requests, preparation of responses to them;
  • Consultations on violations of customs legislation;
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the customs authorities, state and international courts.


Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?

Legal advice on how to accompany the import and export of goods will make it possible to avoid all kinds of absurd situations, financial losses and illegal decisions. Cooperation with the company "Riyako and partners" will help you to realize all the plans, in accordance with the regulations in force. Our lawyers have a high level of professionalism and many years of experience in this field. When you address us, you get:

  1. To solve the most unusual problems concerning the execution of foreign economic transactions.
  2. A professional approach to a client.
  3. Quality assurance of services provided.
  4. Short-term legal aid for urgent matters.
  5. Discounts for regular customers.

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