Business creation and investment Юридическая помощь в регистрации бизнеса и сопровождении инвестиций

Assistance of a lawyer in the registration of all business activities

Earning a decent living, rather than living in near-poverty, is at a minimum dependent on the State - the goal of a sober-minded person. It is possible to achieve this by opening a business. With the latest changes in the legislative framework, the registration of the CP, FLP, SPD, LLC, AO, (FO, TB, PR) is considerably simplified, takes less time and effort. It is possible to start your own business independently with free money, but for this purpose it is necessary to be well orientated in the process of investment, in peculiarities of various forms of economic agents, The lack of start-up capital is not critical: it is possible to take advantage of the investment programmes of both foreign investors who are beginning to enter our market and the money of domestic capital investors. Qualified specialists will help to obtain credit on favourable conditions, to take advantage of special state programs, to attract investments.


Euvgen Riyako

Managing Partner Attorney

Euvgen Riyako is a lawyer and managing partner of RIYAKO&PARTNERS.

The main specialization is criminal practice and legal support of business.

Has extensive experience in the protection of clients at all stages of criminal proceedings and in the courts in matters of legal security of business, settlement of disputes with supervisory and law enforcement authorities, protection against raiding attacks, unfair competition; Advises on anti-corruption policies, the implementation of mandatory procedures in these areas and the conduct of corporate investigations into possible offences.

In addition, Yevgeny specializes in cooperation with state authorities.

Eugene is actively involved in law-making, advises industry associations and government bodies, acts as speaker at relevant conferences and seminars.

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультации по всем вопросам, связанным с регистрацией и запуском бизнеса
2 Регистрация и реструктуризация всех форм бизнеса
3 Планирование и оптимизация всех вопросов для бизнеса (налогообложение, трудовые отношения, договора и лицензии)
4 Сопровождение сделок по слиянию, поглощению, приобретению бизнеса
5 Сопровождение инвестиционных проектов и привлечение финансирования
6 Сопровождение операций с ценными бумагами
7 Решение корпоративных споров

When do you need our services?

 The key to the success of start-up entrepreneurs is the proper preparation of the documentation, the knowledge of the company design algorithm. Contact the firm registration and investment lawyer when necessary:

  • Quickly, without difficulty, open the CP, FLP, Sops, Soes, Aos, (Pifs, Tss, Srs);
  • To choose the optimal form and type of economic entity and a favourable tax regime;
  • Obtain credit from the bank for the realization of undertakings;
  • Supervision of securities transactions;
  • Participate in tenders with the opening of their own project;
  • Register a foreign investment;
  • Secure their investments;
  • To freely withdraw profits from the enterprise abroad.

Misunderstandings between several investors or co-founders of court proceedings cannot be avoided. The investment attorney’s help in the courtroom, where corporate disputes are resolved, is the only way to defend your interests.


Our business registration and investment lawyers offer:

  1. Comprehensive consultation on business registration and management in Ukraine.
  2. Preparation of a complete set of documents (certificates and certificates), registration with the State Registration Service, extracts from the State Register, registration in the register of the VAT payer, registration in the pension fund.
  3. Rapid registration of a public organization.
  4. Provision of a legal address, notarized translation of official documents into the State language, obligatory State payments and payment to a notary.
  5. To participate in the planning of the schedule and the amount of future income; to help in the correct distribution of funds, to channel funds in the right direction.
  6. Investment advice, minimization of risks. Formation of investment contracts. Investment support, project performance evaluation at different stages of development.
  7. We will not allow nationalization of foreign investments, we will provide assistance in the courts to compensate for damages caused by acts/omissions of public servants. We organize the unrestricted transfer abroad in the currency of profits earned from the investment.


Clients choose "Riyako and partners" because we:

  1. We have established clear cooperation with the officials of State institutions, and we receive timely information about changes in the registration procedure.

  2. We have solid theoretical training and many years of practical experience in this field.

  3. We get results on a case-by-case basis. We include colleagues who understand the procedural intricacies of the tasks involved in solving the problems that arise.

  4. The models of statutory acts have been improved over the years in accordance with the legislation in force, and the key points are written down to detail.

  5. We ask for a minimum list of documents, we prepare the missing documents ourselves.

  6. Always on line, working 24/7.

  7. The terms and method of payment are agreed upon personally.

Any enterprise will be successful if there is a specific plan, the necessary finances, and knowledge of the fundamental principles of the organization. It’s hard for one person to consider all the nuances.

In order not to lose an investment, but to make it profitable, the team’s efforts are important at the beginning. Ask our attorneys for help - we will solve the difficulties and realize the dream of a high level of wealth.



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