Loan and mortgage disputes Юридическая помощь и консультация по банковским кредитам

Loan and mortgage attorney in Kharkiv

Probably, nowadays there is not a single person who has never experienced bank lending in his life. Unfortunately, the income of the population does not increase rabidly, and it is not possible to accumulate a decent sum of money on their own, so it is customary to choose the most convenient and affordable route - credit - to make a substantial purchase - of machinery, car or housing. This issue is particularly relevant in large cities such as Kharkiv and Kiev. However, the consequences of a treaty could be highly unpredictable. Suppose the borrower has lost his job and cannot repay the debt, or the bank, on its own initiative, has changed the interest rate. It is in this situation that a professional lawyer will be needed. Need a lawyer in Kharkiv on loans? Then you have reached the address!

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Консультация адвоката по кредитам и ипотеке
2 Юридическая экспертиза документов
3 Составление заявлений, жалоб, обращений, исковых заявлений и подача в соответствующие инстанции
4 Представительство интересов в банковских учреждениях, исполнительной службе, суде и прочих государственных органах.
5 Урегулирование споров по кредитам, как в судебном порядке, так и во внесудебном

When do you need a loan attorney?

You need specialist help if you need:

  • Invalidate the loan/mortgage/surety contract;
  • To reduce the penalty, penalty or fine to be imposed;
  • Reduce the interest rate on the loan or mortgage;
  • Exempt property from collateral;
  • Negotiate debt restructuring (if there is a loan debt), deferred payment or credit holidays;
  • To appeal against the notary’s inscription or the actions of a public official;
  • Challenge the valuation of property that was not conducted objectively;
  • Challenge public tenders or their results.

You’ll need the services of a loan attorney in any case if you feel your rights have been violated and you want to defend them in court.


Our loan and mortgage attorneys offer you:

  1. Comprehensive management of your matter from the moment you seek help to the decision of the case. You can get both full advice from a loan attorney and effective practical assistance, including negotiating with a bank, representation in court, etc.
  2. Drafting of all kinds of legal documents - applications, complaints, petitions, petitions (if necessary including filing of the said documents with the appropriate authorities).
  3. Legal review of the documents. If you are only planning to enter into a mortgage or loan agreement, you will be sure to contact the Bank Litigation Attorney to review the contract documents you will sign. That way, you can protect yourself from any abuse or violation of your rights. If you have already concluded a contract, the analysis will help you to identify its strengths and weaknesses, prepare for possible actions by bankers and prevent undesirable consequences.
  4. Representation of the client’s interests in banking institutions, executive service, court and other State bodies.  Professional protection can guarantee you the most effective result possible. Loan disputes can be resolved, both judicially and amicably, through compromise. A banking attorney can negotiate in such a way that all parties to the agreement are satisfied and your rights are respected.


Why do clients choose «Riyako and partners»?

  1. The company is staffed by highly qualified professionals with long experience in various areas of law, both commercial and public;
  2. When you come to us for help, you are always given an individual approach, not limited to the participation of one lawyer in your case, critical issues and procedural sensitivities can be dealt with by a team of credit dispute solvers to achieve the desired goal;
  3. We perform any task «turnkey» and guarantee the quality of the services provided;
  4. We are always ready to discuss the most convenient payment system for you (we accept online payments);
  5. Our specialists are in the area 24/7, so even in the most urgent situation you will receive immediate assistance. 


Credit disputes with banks should never be underestimated. If you expect a positive result, get the support of a loan and mortgage attorney. Not only will you save your time, but you will also save your money. Finding a high-level mortgage attorney is not easy, but only if you have not applied to «Riyako and partners». The best professionals are waiting for you, and rest assured your problem will be solved!
Don’t postpone the big question until tomorrow! Call and get legal advice on bank loans right now!




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