Labour disputes Юридическая помощь при незаконном увольнении, невыплате заработной платы

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Work is an integral part of every person’s life. Through work, we have a livelihood. But work is not just money, it is work experience, leave, work safety standards, social guarantees. All this must be made available to every employee. It was therefore important to be aware of their labour rights and to defend their position in the event of a labour situation. A labor lawyer will help you with that. If you are interested in legal services in Kharkiv, you have come to the right address. Company «Riyako and partners» is always at your service.


Anishenko Yekaterina - lawyer of the law company «Riyako&Partners».

The main specialty is civic practice.


Education and access to legal practice:

  • Specialist in Law, 2013. National Juridical Academy of Mr. Yaroslav Mudry - Mr. Kharkov.
  • Psychologist, 2010. National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine. Diploma with distinction.
  • She was admitted to the legal profession in 2017. 

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по трудовым спорам
2 Обжалование незаконного увольнения
3 Восстановление на работе
4 Участие в переговорах с работодателем
5 Взыскание невыплаченной зароботной платы и других выплат
6 Получение компенсации за травму, увечье на роботе

When do you need a lawyer and a labor lawyer?

The situations in which you may require an employment attorney are many, but the most common are:

  1. Delays in the payment of wages or salary arrears (compensation, allowances, etc.);
  2. Forced absenteeism - recovery of wages during this period;
  3. Occupational injury - compensation for work-related injury;
  4. Reinstatement in the workplace after unlawful dismissal (including for employees of the AP);
  5. Failure to accept disciplinary action (reprimand, loss of bonus, etc.);
  6. In the event of unjustified refusal of employment;
  7. In situations involving unlawful dismissal, non-payment of sick leave or other matters related to the granting of a maternity or parental leave;
  8. Problems relating to the employment of foreigners (obtaining a permit);
  9. Reformulation of the (ground) for dismissal of an employee.

A labour lawyer will be able to assist not only in resolving a dispute that has already arisen, but also in other legal matters. For example, in order to protect yourself from possible abuse before entering the labour market, submit a draft of a labour (and collective) contract to a professional for study. The specialist will check the document for compliance with the norms of Ukrainian and international legislation, explain to you your rights and obligations as well as possible risks based on the agreement.

The labor lawyer in Kharkiv will understand the conflict, study it from a legal standpoint, and help to restore justice in case of its violation. Recourse to a specialist will help prevent infringements of labour rights, obtain qualified advice in the area of labour law and resolve disputes.


What can be done for you by «Riyako and partners» company’s labor disputes lawyer?

Long-term work experience in the field of labour relations allows the company specialists to guarantee the most effective resolution of your issue, regardless of whether the party to the dispute is the employer or the employee.

The range of services of the company includes:

  • Legal advice on labour law (written or oral), with reference to the law and jurisprudence;
  • Legal analysis of documents (agreements, contracts, etc.) with competent conclusion;
  • drafting of legally relevant documents. For example, legal assistance to an employer in Kharkiv may consist of collective or employment contracts, internal regulations, common fees, maintenance of various types of accounting journals and books. Legal assistance to an employee may consist of written statements, petitions, complaints, claims, etc.
  • Appeal against decisions of labour control bodies;
  • Full support for the activities of the enterprise in terms of compliance with labour legislation (including attendance at inspections by the supervisory authorities);
  • Representation of the client’s interests in State bodies (Pension Fund, Employment Service, etc.), law enforcement agencies and courts (labour disputes).

What kind of labor disputes will Kharkov’s lawyer help solve for the client who applied as an employee whose rights are violated?

  • Reinstatement in the workplace after wrongful dismissal
  • Recovery of unpaid wages
  • Recovery of moral damages for violation of labour rights
  • Recovery of separation payments
  • Recovery of material compensation for injuries and accidents resulting from safety violations by the employer

Also, the lawyer of labor disputes Kharkiv will help to understand the nuances of the labor contract, carry out an expert examination, study it from the point of view of legal security for the employee and, if necessary, recommend changes in some points.


Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?


  • We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the industry and hundreds of successfully completed cases;
  • We are responsible and punctual, always proceeding solely from the interests of the client and offer the best solution;
  • We are always in touch and ready to assist even in an urgent situation;
  • We provide convenient conditions of cooperation and payment for services;
  • We never guarantee an outcome without being sure of it.

If you have an employment dispute or are looking for employment, you have a labor law issue - a labor lawyer - your reliable assistant. Do not waste time: the sooner you see a specialist, the easier and quicker it will be possible to solve your problem.

Call us right now!

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