Criminal cases involving taxes Защита от уголовной ответственности налогоплательщиков

Defence of criminal defence counsel for tax evasion. Defence of the criminal responsibility of taxpayers

The timely payment of taxes does not always ensure a calm sleep. The work of the State Revenue Service staff is often accusatory, the role of the State in property disputes is increasingly strengthened, so that taxpayers' protection must be in the hands of an experienced lawyer.

Only a specialist would be able to understand the ambiguity of certain rules and prevent the improper application of sanctions. And if the case goes to trial, the tax attorney will do his best to protect you from prosecution and minimize the damage.

The participation of a human rights defender would significantly reduce time in litigation with State authorities, guarantee the objectivity of the investigation and ensure that investigators respected the rule of law. Do not try to deal with the situation on your own, do not delay the time, address to the professionals at the very beginning of the problem - it is the guarantee of future success.

Мы, как адвокаты по уголовным делам, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Консультирование
2 Разработка стратегии защиты
3 Подготовка к допросам директора и сотрудников
4 Участие при допросе у следователя
5 Проведение судебно-экономической экспертизы
6 Оптимизация рисков для предприятия
7 Защита в суде

When you need a tax lawyer

In case of disagreement between taxpayers and taxpayers, the defender should be consulted. Its services are essential in such cases:

  • Unjustified application of administrative or financial measures;
  • Illegal freezing or write-off of funds from the settlement account;
  • The need to conduct a business process on behalf of the enterprise against the GSO (if successful, this will shield managers from article CC);
  • Charges of tax evasion;
  • The initiation of targeted investigative measures by the GFC.

Cooperation with the defense at the initial stage is most effective: it can solve contentious issues with minimal damage to the client, saves your business reputation, prevents significant material losses, allows business to develop even during litigation.

What we propose

The work of a good lawyer is aimed at identifying the circumstances that make it possible to exempt criminal liability or not to incur it.

  1. We conduct consultations. We identify the extent to which the reasons for the criminal measures are justified. This depends on many factors: the conditions of taxation, the characterization of the defendant’s actions, the degree of guilt, his attitude to the act. The tax attorney will find mitigating circumstances or grounds to acquit the client.
  2. We’re working on protective strategies. Find errors in the established procedure for starting criminal proceedings to appeal the prosecutor’s findings. We resolve disputes through administrative and judicial means, which may prevent prosecution under the Criminal Code.
  3. We’re getting ready to interview the director and the staff. It’s important to agree on the testimonies of the participants in the trial: this will largely determine the final verdict. In particular, all must be united, for example, in the face of the official’s genuine misperceptions and lack of malice in the commission of unlawful acts. If it can be proved that the crime is not intentional, it will be impossible to bring the leaders and other officials to justice.
  4. Escorting him to the coroner’s office for questioning. A highly professional tax attorney would not only prevent unlawful manipulation by the investigator, but would also call into question the very fact of evasion of mandatory payments. He would note whether the intention, the time of completion and the manner in which the alleged offence had been committed had been correctly defined.
  5. We participate in the forensic and economic examination. We collect and analyse evidence in favour of the defendant (formation of a base of contributions, justification of the use of benefits).
  6. Efforts are being made to optimize risks. A tax attorney will find the most effective ways to minimize damage to the company during pre-trial and court procedures (searches, interrogations, confiscation of documents will not stop your business).

We defend it in court. We use errors in the investigation in favour of the suspect, we oppose the prosecutor’s position and we file complaints against the decisions and rulings of the court. 
It should be borne in mind that liability depended on the legislation in force at the time the offence was committed. Only an experienced lawyer can keep abreast of the changes, much less understand them. The activities of the tax litigation lawyer prejudge whether the pre-trial investigation will end with an indictment.  

Why choose «Riyako and partners»

Our company gets picked because:

  1. The staff includes a tax attorney with long-standing experience.
  2. We are studying the case law of taxation in order to apply some nuances in our practice.
  3. On the basis of an in-depth analysis of disputed situations, we develop optimal legal positions and tactics.
  4. Reliable forecasting of the activity of the fiscal service by our specialists allows to minimize the risks of subjects.
  5. We respond instantly to an appeal, find the best protection strategy for each case as soon as possible
  6. Our prices are fair - directly related to the quality of the services provided.

Effective protection against tax evasion is possible when it is in the hands of a conscientious professional. We are in 24/7 mode and are ready to help in the right minute. Contact!

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