Publications Your actions if you were stopped by the police

Your actions if you were stopped by the police

Standard situation: You were stopped by a police officer to check your documents. Your actions. Initially, please ask to see the service cards and explain the reason and purpose of your address. Most often, after checking the passport, the outfit is removed in search of a less well-informed citizen.

Mind you, you have to treat police officers the same way they treat you. If they’re polite and considerate, then you should show respect. And if employees are being rude, you are not in any way rude, just call your lawyer immediately or 102. Yes, exactly 102, and call in a patrol in response to threats made against you by persons claiming to be employees. My practice in these situations proves that it works. Behavior immediately becomes more restrained.

If you haven’t heard from anyone, or just for backup, call one of your family or friends and let them know that you’ve been stopped by a police officer, ask them to record their F.I.O., a police station. So at least one person from the outside will know where to look for you if there’s anything. Also ask that if you don’t call back in half an hour, they start sounding alarms and calling all the hotlines. We had a case where it was because the wife wrote down where the husband was, that we were able to react quickly, to prevent him from signing documents that would convict him of a crime he didn’t commit.

In fact, under the law, police officers have the right to ask for their documents only if they have reason to believe that you have committed a crime or offence.

That means, if a police officer asks you to present your ID, you can ask him what grounds he has for checking it. Arbitrary scrutiny is a direct violation of human rights.

If the police officer wishes you to accompany him to the police station, you have the right to refuse. In the event that you are threatened with being brought before the police, you have the right to require him to draw up a report to that effect, since, in fact, from the moment when you are being taken against your will to the police, it is a detention, which must be completed by a report.

And believe me, if you have not committed a crime, you have not committed an offence, and you are not a wanted person, police officers will not take the responsibility to take you to the station.

Main Council. Never, in any case, resist the staff. For this, there is a risk of administrative and criminal liability. If you are detained under no circumstances may you attempt to escape or escape.

If the police are going to search your personal or belongings, demand that this be done on record and in the presence of two witnesses. Once it’s written, take a copy of the report. If during the search you feel that you have been planted with something, in no case touch this object,

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