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Compensation for moral or material damage caused in the course of unlawful acts by third parties is one of the key activities of a lawyer. Even if the evidence of guilt of third parties is clear and the court rules in favour of the victim, it is extremely difficult to obtain material compensation for the damage caused. With the assistance of the accident lawyer, you can count on an adequate assessment of the damages and their compensation both before and after the trial.»

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" оказывает такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по возмещению ущерба
2 Организация проведения независимой автотехнической, товароведческой, психологической и прочих видов экспертиз
3 Расчет суммы нанесенного ущерба, помощь в сборе доказательств
4 Подготовка заявлений, жалоб, ходатайств, исков, как в страховую компанию, так и в суд
5 Представительство интересов в страховой компании (включая подачу заявлений и проведение переговоров), государственных органах и суде;
6 Защита и представительство интересов клиента в судебных тяжбах по страховым спорам.

No one is insured against being involved in an accident. You can participate in an accident without breaking any rules - you just meet someone on the road who violates them. There are cases where an accident is the result of a malfunction that you never knew existed. Even an ordinary pedestrian may be the victim of an accident or the perpetrator. One way or another, the result is the question: Who will be responsible for compensation after the accident? But the main problems start later - when it comes to real reparations.

The experience of the lawyers of the company «Riyako and partners» allows us to guarantee our clients the most prompt and effective solution of any accident dispute, as well as the full coverage of costs to the injured party in accordance with the law.

The main points on accident compensation are:

  • As a result of an accident, damage can be caused to the health as well as to the property of the victim (car, clothes, other items).
  • The victim may experience severe emotional distress, and his or her routine may be disrupted by the incident. In this case, moral damage is involved and it is important that compensation for moral damage after an accident is possible in a material (monetary) equivalent.
  • In general, damages are awarded by the party responsible for the accident, but in 50% of cases the situation is much more complicated. Reimbursement may depend on the existence of an insurance policy, the force majeure situation (the wheel has fallen into a hole, the ATC has badly plugged a hole in the wheel). There are situations where both sides are guilty of accidents.
  • A separate issue is the amount to be recovered. If, we assume, the vehicle is defective, you will need to perform a auto-technical examination. In order to obtain the desired result, it is important to properly draft a request for expertise and to ask the expert clear and correct questions. In the case of health - the damage must be documented - by hospital certificates, forensic reports, drug receipts, etc. The same is true of moral damage. Here you will need a psychologist’s opinion on the trauma you have suffered and the reasoned motivation of the claims made in accordance with the law.
  • The issue of disputes with insurance companies is particularly acute. They are generally reluctant to accept compensation even if the client is proven to be right. But the situation changes when a car accident lawyer (Kharkov) enters the case. The specialist knows exactly how to get the insurance company to respond to your requests faster in accordance with the law, how to perform adequate and objective expertise, and how to calculate the correct (rather than the minimum) The amount of the compensation, the penalty for late payment.

As you can see, recovering damage after an accident is not an easy thing to do. It is extremely difficult for a person who has no legal training or experience in this field to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible. That is why the services of an accident lawyer are so popular.


Our road-traffic lawyers offer you:

The complex of services rendered by lawyers and attorneys of «Riyako and partners» company includes:

  • Consulting a lawyer on accidents;
  • Organization of independent auto-technical, commodity, psychological and other types of expertise;
  • Calculation of the amount of damage caused, assistance in gathering evidence;
  • Preparation of applications, complaints, petitions and claims, both to the insurance company and to the courts;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the insurance company (including application and negotiation), State bodies and the courts;
  • Protection and representation of the client’s interests in insurance litigation.


Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?


  • Your case will be handled by experienced professionals, qualified attorneys with hundreds of successful road traffic injuries cases;
  • You can apply to us both for advice (during which you will be offered possible solutions) and for complex case management;
  • our lawyers are ready to take part in the resolution of your issue at any stage of its development;
  • We are accessible to customers 24/7;
  • We offer convenient cooperation conditions and client-friendly rates.

If you have questions about compensation of material damage after accidents, compensation of moral damage, insurance payments - do not put them in a «long box». Time can be a bad joke to you in this case. Use the services of an accident lawyer to achieve optimal results and maximize benefits.

Company «Riyako and partners» is pleased to provide you with highly qualified legal assistance, which will make your life a little easier!

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