Publications Enrolment of foreign seniority in pension calculation

Since the beginning of the independent life of Ukrainians, they have often gone abroad to work. Everyone has his own reason for getting a job. Some travel in search of a new happy life, others have found their professional qualities and their development on foreign countries in a highly paid field.

The signing of a treaty with the European Union wishing to travel abroad is increasing. If previously, a citizen had to obtain a visa in order to go to work or rest, today it is possible to move freely within 90 days in EU countries with a biometric passport, money, confirmation of the housing reservation. Unfortunately, Ukrainians take the opportunity to travel to learn about other countries and their culture, but also to earn a lot of money. Most people do it illegally. What’s the risk?

Illegal work abroad is the fear of being caught by local authorities and being deprived of important privileges by their state. One of the privileges is seniority. What to do for those who work illegally outside the country and do not accumulate work experience, and can a legal worker receive a Ukrainian pension after long years of work abroad? We will answer the questions of a modern Ukrainian.

Seniority abroad

Length of service is the number of years worked by a citizen of the country for which a pension is paid after reaching retirement age. In 2019, the retirement age in Ukraine was 65 years for men and 63 years for women. At the age of 60, citizens with uninterrupted service from 26 years of age may retire.

If, for any reason, you have worked for a long time in another State, have had a foreign pension experience in Ukraine, it is possible to formalize it under certain conditions:

  • Formal employment
  • The existence of a territorial contract with the country where the work was carried out;
  • The existence of a proportional contract with the country where the work was carried out;
  • A certain number of years of service for retirement;
  • reaching retirement age.

For citizens of the former USSR working in the territory of the entire Union before its dissolution, full seniority regardless of their place of work is taken into account.

In 1992, Ukraine signed an agreement in the field of pensions guaranteeing the rights of citizens of States parties to independent States. This agreement is called a territorial treaty. It is based on the receipt of a pension by a citizen of the participating countries and the calculation of the insurance period in accordance with the rules of the country where he has legally worked. The pension if working abroad is processed on request, without having to come to the country of origin.

A proportional contract is an agreement between States on the payment of pensions and the calculation of the length of service by the parties in proportion to the amount determined by the contract. Working for 20 years in one country, after returning to Ukraine and another 25 years working here, retirement, calculation of insurance period and payment of pension will depend on two parties.

Ukraine has already concluded similar international agreements with more than 20 countries. Does seniority include work abroad in the absence of such contracts? Unfortunately, this does not give Ukrainians the right to be taken into account in the calculation of pension payments, even for legal work abroad.

How do I confirm seniority abroad?

The main weapon of a Ukrainian in the struggle to obtain work experience abroad and to include it in the calculation of pension insurance is legal work. Working in another country for many years, paying all taxes on an official basis, gives a green light in this field. Regardless of where the retirement takes place. The relevant authorities will send a request for confirmation of work and payment of taxes in the country where the Ukrainian has worked for many years, and after confirmation by the State, the information obtained will be taken into account in the calculation.

International treaties with the country of work are mandatory. Depending on the treaty that has been concluded, the points specified therein will be respected and cooperation will be based on them. Before employment, it is better to know in advance the presence of such agreements with a particular country.

The question "Does the work abroad form part of the work experience?" can be answered boldly, which is true, but subject to specific rules and nuances. Honest employment with payment of taxes and social contributions, official stay in the territory of another country will enable you to receive pension benefits. Illegal activity in any country does not give you the right to use your employment experience in receiving a pension in Ukraine.

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