Protection of intellectual property and information Помощь адвоката в вопросах защиты прав интеллектуальной собственности, регистрации торговой марки и промышленных образцов

Counsel for the Protection of Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets in the modern world, as well as the topic under discussion in business relations. But, like any other property, it may be subject to various wrongful acts. There is an investigative need for qualified protection of the rights of the entrepreneur. How intellectual property is protected depends directly on the object and its specific characteristics. Intellectual property includes patent, copyright, related rights, trademark rights, use of natural resources, property and much more. The protection of intellectual property promotes creativity, innovation, the development of science and technology and the dissemination of information, which is essential for the development of society as a whole. Thus, timely protection of the rights and interests of the owner is the guarantor of the success of any activity.

Юридическая компания "RIYAKO&PARTNERS" предоставляет такие услуги:
1 Консультирование по вопросам интеллектуальной собственности и информации
2 Регистрация знаков для товаров и услуг, фирменного наименования, промышленных образцов, патентов и изобретений
3 Защита в спорах по интеллектуальной собственности
4 Сопровождение сделок в сфере интеллектуальной собственности
5 Сопровождение соблюдения законодательства в сфере персональных данных
6 Разработка и внедрение юридических механизмов защиты коммерческой тайны
7 Судебная защита в спорах по коммерческой тайне

When do you need our services?

You may need the assistance of our intellectual property lawyers in such cases:

  1. Obtaining advice on the protection of the intellectual property right;
  2. To resolve disputes without recourse to the courts;
  3. The need to protect rights and interests in courts and competent intellectual property authorities;
  4. An accusation concerning the violation of the rights to another intellectual property;
  5. The need for judicial review of decisions, assistance in the formulation of appeals, claims and complaints;
  6. The need to protect confidential information;
  7. Raising issues regarding patent registration and assistance in preparing the necessary documentation.

By consulting our intellectual property rights specialists, you get such services:

  • Advice on how to protect intellectual property rights;
  • Risk analysis in selecting the best protection strategy;
  • Consultations concerning the drafting, drafting and analysis of an intellectual property treaty;
  • Legal advice on international trademark registration;
  • Protection of confidential information within the enterprise;
  • Advice on the registration of a patent on an industrial model;
  • Representation of the client’s interests before the control and customs authorities;
  • Pre-trial and judicial resolution of conflicts related to the protection of intellectual property and information.

Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners"?

Advantages of company "Riyako and partners" - long experience in this field of activity. By contacting us, you get not only a consultation of a lawyer in Kharkiv, but also:

  1. Individual approach to each client.
  2. Possibility to receive answers to your questions online, by phone, in person.
  3. Rapid response to the most difficult challenges.
  4. Regular refresher courses.
  5. More than 500 recommendations with positive feedback from our clients.

Protecting your intellectual rights is the key to a successful future!


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