Protection for economic crimes Защита адвокатом по экономическим преступлениям

Lawyer for Economic Crimes in Kharkiv and Kiev

Entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine is represented by thousands of companies and enterprises of various forms of ownership, as well as by millions of private entrepreneurs carrying out their activities on a daily basis. However, as in any area of public life, violations are permitted, and under the same hour, offences for which the law provides liability. These crimes constitute one of the most numerous (more than 100) and difficult to investigate categories. If you or your company are involved in such a case, you urgently need an attorney for economic crimes. The lawyer of the law company «Riyako & Partners» will help you in this.

Мы, как адвокаты по уголовным делам, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Защита в сфере финансовых преступлений
2 Защита по контрабанде
3 Защита против обвинений в занятии игорным бизнесом
4 Защита по преступлениям по подакцизным товарам
5 Защита обвинения в фиктивном предпринимательстве и банкротстве
6 Защита от рейдерских действий
7 Защита по обвинению в легализации доходов
8 Защита в обвинении незаконного использования торговой марки
9 Защита обвинения в раскрытии коммерческой тайны

Peculiarities of crimes in the sphere of economic activity and why need a lawyer?


The very title of the case speaks for itself. These are economic and economic cases, and thus the defence can be effective only if the defender has a thorough knowledge of the situation and knowledge in this field. In other words, a specialist - a lawyer for economic crimes - is needed.

The most common offences in this category are:

  • smuggling;
  • Tax evasion
  • Fraudulent use of financial resources;
  • Illegal business;
  • Sham bankruptcy and illegal actions during bankruptcy proceedings.

The ultimate aim of the crime can be achieved in a number of ways, ranging from active acts such as smuggling to inaction, as in the case of tax evasion. However, an important element of any composition is the existence of damage. Since this is the case with the State, the penalties for this type of crime are quite severe. In some cases, it may be compared to the penalty for murder. Further confiscation of property may be imposed.   It is not necessary to rely on a quick and painless resolution of a case in the economic sphere - only if you do not accept for an enormous period of real imprisonment with large sums of compensation, all kinds of prohibitions and confiscations. If that scenario doesn’t suit you, your exit is an economic crime lawyer.


What is included in the spectrum of services of the law company «Riyako&partners»?


  • Extensive legal consultations on economic crimes in Kharkiv and Kiev;
  • Defence of the interests of the defendant at all stages of criminal proceedings, representation of interests in law enforcement agencies and courts;
  • The active participation of a lawyer for economic crimes in all investigations and checks (including searches, seizures, interrogations, etc.);
  • Preparation of all necessary procedural documents, petitions, complaints and petitions;
  • Support for independent expertise;
  • Assistance in the collection of evidence and personal data;
  • Appeal against the actions of an investigator, prosecutor or judge;
  • Appeal/cassation of court sentence.


Why would you like to cooperate with us?


- your defense will be carried out by an experienced professional lawyer for economic crimes (Kharkov, Kiev) from among the employees of the company;
-  We guarantee the quality of the legal services provided and always make a realistic assessment of the situation without promising the impossible;
- your lawyer will be available to you 24/7;
Protection takes place on the basis of a legal aid agreement;
Our lawyers for economic crimes do not fail, delay hearings, do not miss meetings, they work for results;
We offer flexible terms of cooperation and the possibility of phased payment;
- we are ready to intervene at any stage of the proceedings.

If you are interested in economic crimes - the lawyer for economic crimes in Kharkiv and Kiev is always ready to help solve your problem quickly and with the least losses. But the sooner you go to an economic crimes lawyer, the better, because the seizure of property, the prolongation of the trial, the threat of real punishment, and the constant visit to the investigator’s office have not made anyone richer.

Call and get a lawyer right away!

The law company «Riyako&partners» is a reliable support for you and your business. Give the opportunity to protect your rights to professionals!

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