Protection against service offences and corruption Юридическая помощь адвоката при обвинении в коррупции, взяточничестве.

Assistance of counsel for service and official offences in Kiev and Kharkiv

Official work is a special activity of civil servants and employees of local self-government bodies performing the functions of representatives of State power.  The activities of officials of enterprises, institutions and organizations are also included. The crimes committed in this area are extremely sensitive and require solid evidence. However, contrary to the requirements of the law, it is not uncommon for law enforcement officials to abuse the findings and to exaggerate the amount of damage caused, They ignore important expert examinations, etc. That is why the accused of a misdemeanour simply needs the assistance of an experienced crime attorney.


Мы предоставляем услуги по защите в уголовных делах по служебным преступлениям

What offences exist in the workplace and what is their nature

The first thing that comes to mind when I mention malfeasance is corruption. And it’s perfectly reasonable. In the past few years, the fight against corruption has been at the centre of the domestic policy of the State. However, there are other types of violations.

The following offences are included in this category:

  • Official forgery
  • Abuse of authority and official position;
  • Abuse of authority and authority;
  • Bribe (giving/receiving);
  • Negligence of office;
  • declaration of incorrect information about the property status of an official.

Any malfeasance must be documented as evidence. Witness testimony alone cannot be required.

Very often, investigators target the work of an accountant or a manager of an enterprise who has committed irregularities in the preparation or filing of tax returns, the processing of receipts or the processing of investments. Then the lawyer for service crimes (Kharkov, Kiev) enters the case.

Unfortunately, law enforcement, accustomed to work «on the index», often accuse the commission of official and service crimes and without any reason to do so.   And when the situation is contentious, they try to charge the accused as much as possible, relying on the fact that at least one charge will still stand in court. This is exactly what a bribery and other malfeasance attorney needs.

Caught by surprise, even an educated person makes many mistakes, sometimes allowing himself to be framed. A timely criminal bribery lawyer (Kharkiv, Kiev) will be able to largely neutralize the influence of the circumstances on the criminal proceedings and defend your rights.

If you encounter any criminal charges for a crime in the line of duty - do not delay your meeting with the bribery and corruption lawyer until tomorrow, seek help today. The law company «Riyako&partners» is ready to provide you qualified defence at any stage of criminal proceedings in cities such as Kiev and Kharkov.


What services does «Riyako&partners» provide?


If you need a service crime lawyer in Kharkiv, Kiev, you came to the address. The company’s legal team consists of experienced and highly qualified lawyers who have successfully and extensively practiced criminal law.

The defence of a lawyer for corruption and malfeasance in our company includes:

  • Representation and defence of the client’s interests in law enforcement agencies and courts;
  • Assistance in the collection of evidence indicating the innocence of the defendant, as well as materials describing the identity of the client;
  • Taking an active part in various investigative actions, including the decision on the adoption of a preventive measure;
  • Assistance in the appointment and conduct of independent expertise;
  • Preparation of various procedural documents;
  • Appeal against decisions and actions/inactivity of the investigator, appeal against decisions of the court;
  • Other actions required in the course of the proceedings.


Why is it advantageous and convenient to cooperate with us?

  1. We guarantee the quality of our services.
  2. Your case will be handled exclusively by a specialized attorney - a lawyer for bribery or official forgery, abuse of authority, etc.
  3. Our lawyers are on 24/7.
  4. We offer convenient conditions of cooperation and payment.
  5. You can rest assured that every effort will be made to achieve the most effective result in your case.

So if you need a bribery and corruption lawyer in Kharkiv, in Kiev  - don’t wait for the chance, call right now. At times, one legal advice from an experienced law-enforcement lawyer is enough for criminal proceedings to take a completely different turn.

Legal company «Riyako&partners» - Your reliable protection and solution of any problem! 

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