Criminal defence Юридическая помощь по вопросам уголовного права. Адвокатская защита в суде по уголовным делам

Defence by a criminal lawyer in Kharkiv, Kiev

Each of us, at the level of the subconscious, hopes that criminal law will not be encountered in our lives. And why would a law-abiding man suddenly become a party to criminal proceedings? But we are forgetting one thing - a simple coincidence, a series of circumstances that are often beyond our control. In a difficult situation it is possible to defend one’s life and health, to be attacked by others and simply to commit a crime out of hopelessness. In any event, in such cases, you will require the professional assistance of a criminal lawyer, and the sooner you approach a lawyer, the better. If you need a criminal lawyer in Kharkiv or Kiev, you will always be assisted in the legal company "Riyako and partners".

Мы, как адвокаты по уголовным делам, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по уголовным делам
2 Защита подозреваемого на до судебной стадии
3 Защита обвиняемого на судебной стадии
4 Помощь свидетелю в уголовном процессе
5 Помощь потерпевшему в уголовном процессе
6 Составление жалоб, ходатайств и других документов

When is a criminal defence counsel required?

You definitely need a criminal defense attorney if:

  • You have come to the attention of the law enforcement authorities and are asked for an explanation (even at the stage of preliminary investigation);
  • You are admitted as a criminal witness and your testimony forms the basis of the prosecution (often witness status is only a temporary cover for the main law enforcement plan, which simply collects the missing information and then suddenly changes your status to "suspect");
  • You are detained in connection with a criminal offence (even if not with your participation, but in your presence);
  • You have been served with a report of suspicion and given the status of suspect;
  • You are recognized as an accused in criminal proceedings;
  • The question of the adoption of a preventive measure is being resolved;
  • You already have the status of suspect or accused and are awaiting various investigative actions - interrogations, investigative experiments, expert opinions, face-to-face examinations (it is on the results of these investigative actions that the prosecution will be based);
  • The indictment, together with the material of the criminal proceedings, has been referred to the court for consideration of the merits of the case;
  • You are the victim in the case and you want a fair verdict against the perpetrator.

It matters!!  Criminal defense by an attorney is necessary not only when you disagree with the charge, but also when you plead guilty (in whole or in part). A criminal lawyer (Kharkiv, Kiev) will monitor the correct application of the law to you and will be able to obtain the minimum punishment or even release from it, to conclude a deal with the prosecution side.


Lawyers of the company "Riyako and partners" provide professional services in the sphere of criminal defence.


The company’s lawyers will provide any professional services in criminal proceedings. Our services include:

•Legal advice in criminal matters (preliminary examination of criminal proceedings if necessary);
• Defence by a criminal lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev) in pre-trial investigation;
• report and file a crime report;
• participation of the criminal defence counsel in various investigative actions (search, interrogation, seizure, etc.);
• collect evidence of the client’s innocence;
• defence in criminal cases by a lawyer in a court hearing on the adoption of a preventive measure;
• drawing up and lodging complaints against decisions, actions and omissions of representatives of law enforcement agencies, investigator, prosecutor, judge;
•Soliciting and/or confirming information;
• drafting of any kind of procedural documents in criminal proceedings (statements, petitions, complaints, etc.);
• Defence in a criminal court;
• Defence counsel in criminal cases in appeals and cassation against judgements and judgements;
•  Representation and defence in criminal cases of the rights and interests of witnesses and victims.


Why do clients choose "Riyako and partners" lawyers?

In answer to this question, we do not have to "invent the bicycle". Who would you trust to solve your problems that could radically change your life? Of course, only a reliable, professional lawyer and a responsible person or company. That’s what our clients find. In addition, "Riyako and partners" are:

• high-level attorneys with extensive knowledge of criminal law and extensive legal practice;
• Criminal defence is not exercised by a single lawyer but by more than one lawyer - particularly complex issues are dealt with collectively;
• if you have ordered a service from us, you can be sure that your question will be resolved "on a turnaround" - from the moment of adoption to the final decision in the case;
• we are ready to discuss the most convenient system and method of payment for you;
• we are available to our customers 24 7 and will always help even in the most urgent situation.

If you need a criminal defense attorney in Kharkiv, Kiev - call us right now! A qualified criminal defense attorney will begin to solve your problem immediately!

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