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Services of a criminal drug lawyer in Kharkiv, Kiev

The manufacture, storage, use, sale, transport or transfer of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in Ukraine is prohibited by law. Yet drug addiction is so deeply entrenched in our lives that new crimes and new detentions can be heard every day from television screens, newspaper headlines and simply on the street. The Criminal Code provided for severe penalties for such crimes, which in some cases were comparable to the penalty for murder, and it was not necessary to waste time in becoming a party to criminal proceedings in drug cases; an expert was urgently needed. Timely intervention by a criminal (drug) lawyer will help to identify the most effective defence tactics and minimize the negative consequences of prosecution, up to conditional release.

Мы, как адвокаты по уголовным делам, оказываем такие услуги:
1 Юридическая консультация по уголовным делам
2 Защита подозреваемого на досудебной стадии
3 Защита обвиняемого на судебной стадии
4 Составление жалоб, ходатайств и других документов

Why do drug cases need a lawyer? 

Drug-related criminal cases have many features. And it may be necessary to start from the moment of apprehension. Unfortunately, the harmful practice of detecting drugs at the time of apprehension, for example for administrative offences committed while under the influence of alcohol, is widespread throughout Ukraine. Why is it harmful? Because most of the boxes of marijuana, ecstasy, syringes with opium residues found in the detainees appear «unknown». Sometimes unscrupulous law enforcement officials are not even deterred by the fact that the detainee is a good family man, a worker and has never used drugs in his life.

Secondly, the regularity of the procedure for apprehending and seizing narcotic drugs, the recording of the point of sale of drugs and the results of the expert examination are of great importance. Irregularities committed by the police at any stage of the investigation may lead to a finding of inadmissible evidence in court. Of course, only an experienced drug lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev) can understand these intricacies.

Other details, such as the weight of the drug seized, its nature and the circumstances in which the offence was committed, may, when examined in greater detail by a specialist, constitute grounds for reclassifying the actions of a suspect from a more serious crime to a less serious one.

Among other things, the existence of mitigating circumstances and the existence of positive data have a significant impact on the punishment. Once again, the defense of a criminal drug attorney is indispensable.

The law also provides for the possibility of entering into special transactions in criminal proceedings. An agreement could be concluded with the prosecutor and contained a mutually satisfactory penalty in exchange for a guilty plea. Such a transaction is permissible and, in some cases, even beneficial, but its terms must be well studied and evaluated by a professional criminal lawyer (drug).

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The services of the drug lawyer of the law company «Riyako and partners» include:


  • Protection of the interests of the defendant at the stage prior to the investigation;
  • Protection of the interests of the suspect/accused at the stage of pre-trial investigation;
  • Defence of the defendant in court;
  • Assistance in the collection of evidence, as well as personal data, in the preparation of procedural documents at all stages of the proceedings;
  • Appeal against unlawful actions by police officers, investigators, and assistance in establishing the use of unlawful physical and psychological pressure on a defendant;
  • Appeal/cassation of court decisions (rulings, rulings, sentences).


Why would you like to work with us?

  1. We guarantee the quality of our services.
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It is important to bear in mind that the sooner you are granted legal protection on drugs, the more likely it is that the case will be as successful as possible.

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