Consumer protection Юридическая помощь по защите прав потребителей в Украине

Assistance of a consumer advocate

In normal life we all make different purchases and orders. These purchases do not always meet our expectations. Ukrainian consumer protection legislation is intended to help in such cases. A special law, which directly defines the mutual obligations of the seller and the buyer, the types and amounts of fines, the penalties for the unscrupulous supplier or contractor, is the law «On the Protection of Consumers' Rights». The procedure for the judicial (often most effective) procedure in which infringements of consumer rights are corrected is determined by the rules of the Civil Procedure Law.



Anishenko Yekaterina - lawyer of the law company «Riyako&Partners».

The main specialty is civic practice.


Education and access to legal practice:

  • Specialist in Law, 2013. National Juridical Academy of Mr. Yaroslav Mudry - Mr. Kharkov.
  • Psychologist, 2010. National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine. Diploma with distinction.
  • She was admitted to the legal profession in 2017. 

1 Анализ рисков, связанных с покупкой товаров или заказом работ, услуг
2 Проведение экспертизы проектов договоров; соглашений, других материалов
3 Оформление протоколов разногласий
4 Составление договоров купли-продажи, поставки, подряда и многие другие
5 Подготовка и сбор документов для заключения сделки
6 Сопровождение клиента при подписании документов
7 Предоставление другую правовую помощь по защите прав потребителей

We do not want to confuse the reader with dry legal terms and formulations. And only we open «the tip of the iceberg» of that list of laws, in the essence of which it is necessary to navigate perfectly in order to effectively defend and protect the interests of the natural person-buyer (customer). A simple citizen - a doctor, an architect, a teacher, a factory worker or an enterprise - such tasks are not easily given. And so are the lawyers. Our team of legal practitioners «Riyako and Partners» will be your guide on legislative labyrinths. To understand the terms of a multi-page consumer credit contract or to draw up a legally valid lawsuit before a court of any level is the daily routine work of a legal scholar. We do not work by templates. The method and sequence of actions are always negotiated personally and depend on the circumstances of your case. We are located in the city of Kharkiv, but we also support the inhabitants of every corner of our country.

The consumer advocate awaits you if:

  • Want to buy real estate, car, expensive household appliances or electronics;
  • have been refused warranty repairs;
  • Bought an inferior item;
  • The acquisition has harmed your health or property;
  • take something on credit, heed the advice of the sales consultant, and when you come home, you realize you haven’t considered the financial possibilities to repay the loan;
  • Not sure whether a certain agreement is in your interest;
  • The time limits for manufacture, delivery and payment confirmation are exceeded;
  • Offering to settle by paying money on a card of an unknown person;
  • The relationship with the performer must be properly formalized so as not to be without money and without the results of the order;
  • have acquired «the cat in the bag» due to the lack of prior complete available and/or reliable information about the product, service, work;
  • there are other questions.


How can our consumer advocates:

  1. Prevent possible problems related to the purchase of goods or the ordering of works, services:
  2. Identify individual solutions to each specific problem as soon as possible;
  3. Provide oral and written consultations;
  4. Request information and documents from third parties in order to achieve the objectives;
  5. Draw up substantiated complaints, petitions, claims and other documents, which may be submitted to the relevant State bodies and institutions;
  6. Represent your interests in a dispute with the seller, manufacturer, performer in the procedure of pre-trial settlement of conflicts;
  7. We offer the assistance of a lawyer in the sphere of consumer protection in court proceedings before the courts of all instances (from the district, city and Supreme Court of Ukraine, international) and much more.

What are you risking trying to solve the problem yourself?

Any work is best trusted exclusively by professionals. Jurisprudence is no exception.

Practice confirms the higher the amount of the purchase, the more sophisticated the seller’s ruse to not be liable to the buyer. And if we risk a small amount of money every day when we visit a trading network, then the purchase of problematic housing, car arrest, goods on credit, etc., has far more serious consequences.

Don’t put yourself at risk for a set of stressful situations instead of what you want.

If you have any difficulties in exchanging, purchasing or interested in any legal details on consumer protection - please contact us right now! 

Prevent undesirable legal consequences and protect yourself from possible problems!

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