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The most useful references to the ZU "On consumer protection", which will certainly help you in your fight against unscrupulous sellers

How to deal with poor-quality goods

According to art. 4 consumers have the right to compensation for material and moral damage caused by defects in products (defects in products) during the purchase, ordering or use of products sold in Ukraine for the satisfaction of their personal needs.

According to Article. 8, in the event of substantial defects which have arisen during the warranty period due to the fault of the manufacturer of the goods (seller), or of the falsification of the goods confirmed, if necessary, by an expert opinion, The consumer has the right to choose to require from the seller or producer of the goods of inappropriate quality:

Avoidance of the contract and recovery of the money paid for the goods;
Substitution of goods for the same or similar goods from the seller (producer) of the goods.
A significant disadvantage - a deficiency which makes it impossible or inadmissible to use a good in accordance with its intended purpose is caused by the fault of the manufacturer (seller, performer)Once removed, it shall reappear for reasons independent of the consumer and shall be endowed with at least one of the following characteristics:

a) It cannot be eliminated in principle ;
b) its elimination requires more than fourteen calendar days;
c) It makes the goods substantially different from the contract.


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