Witness protection Помощь по вопросам уголовного права

Assistance of counsel for the protection of the rights of witnesses in the Kharkiv criminal case, Kiev

In the modern world, there are often situations in which you can be a witness, but in a serious case. A witness is a person who appears in criminal proceedings. A person who has knowledge of a crime and is directly involved in a case may testify during the investigation of a criminal case. The protection of the rights of a witness is a sequence of actions consisting in the provision of assistance and defence by counsel. Protection is mainly against misconduct by law enforcement agencies and others. The Witness Protection Act clearly designates a person who can provide such services and distinguishes a person in criminal proceedings such as a lawyer.

Мы представляем интересы свидетелей в уголовном процессе
1 Консультация и подготовка свидетеля к допросу
2 Участие в допросе свидетелей
3 Защита свидетелей от преследований
4 Защита свидетелей от угроз и давлений

Why do you need a lawyer under these circumstances?

The law does not specify the powers and procedure, but the presence of a witness indicates that it provides advice or clarifies rights. These may be the minimum services that a witness rights lawyer is able to provide to his client.

Under art. 55 of the Constitution, every citizen has the right to a defence. The Criminal Code states that any citizen may become a witness. The same law mainly uses such an individual to investigate a case quickly, but it is often the case that the investigating authorities use the witness in an irregular manner. That’s when we step into the business - the Law Company «RIYAKO&PARTNERS».

What our witness rights lawyers are proposing

Article 63 of the Constitution states that everyone has the right to refuse to give evidence about himself, his family and close relatives. This article is not presented in the best light by law enforcement agencies. Company «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» offers you a complete package of witness protection services:

  • consultation;
  • Clarification of rights;
  • Precise elaboration of the evidence;
  • Assistance in drafting documents;
  • complete investigation.

Почему выбирают «RIYAKO&PARTNERS»?

The law company «RIYAKO&PARTNERS» is a staff of highly qualified employees who are specialists of their business. Witness rights protection is a simple service that is easy to perform. We have experience in legal practice, representation of interests in court, commercial and other state structures. We work with each individual client and guarantee an individual approach. The lawyer assigned to you carries out the full support of the client and, if necessary, the whole team works on the specific task. All specialists of the company are available at any time for the client and are ready to provide operational assistance by phone or in person. Payment for services is made in any convenient way for the customer - in cash or by bank transfer. You can easily use the online payment service.

Criminal proceedings cannot be conducted without qualified criminal defence counsel. The special status of a witness in a criminal case is the responsibility and certain risks to which a person with the status of witness must be prepared for any developments in the investigation and the conduct of law enforcement agencies.

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