Housing disputes Помощь по вопросам жилищного права

Housing Litigation Attorney Kharkov

Housing law. The most important aspects of this line of jurisprudence are questions relating to the determination of the ownership of real property and the conditions for its use, compensation for material damage from third parties in the event of damage to the home.

In addition, housing law regulates the issues of registration, eviction and permits the contestation of contracts of sale, mena and gifts of real estate

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1 Юридическая консультация по жилищным спорам
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4 Вселение/выселение
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7 Приватизация квартиры

Kharkov Lawyers and Housing Litigation and Consulting Attorney

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Housing attorney


Housing is the most important material value of a person. The absence or lack of knowledge of the law relating to one’s home or apartment may have irreversible consequences.

Unfortunately, there have always been people who are not averse to owning other people’s property, which includes housing.   It is also not uncommon for ambiguous and contentious housing issues to arise against the backdrop of divorce or distribution of inheritance. Another common problem that has to be addressed is the lack of good faith on the part of CSEC in the performance of its duties.

So Kharkov’s housing attorney may be the one person who can help avoid major trouble.

When would it be useful to seek legal aid?

Many people have no idea how many situations can be related to housing. Only a few of the most popular items on the long list of citizens are:

  • Consultations on alteration, reconfiguration or major maintenance;
  • Legal assessment of the actions of the Housing and Housing Administration;
  • Advice in drawing up a real estate business contract;
  • Consultation on the privatization of premises;
  • Advice on the drafting of rental contracts;
  • Consultation in cases of eviction, illegal settlement, etc. is provided.
  • apartment damage by neighbors, tenants
  • neighbor’s silence violation

Housing disputes consultation in Kharkiv

Housing Litigator Kharkov is a qualified professional who works in the field of housing law and has an excellent understanding of the most subtle and complex nuances of the problem. It operates within the framework of the Civil Code and the Housing Code and in accordance with laws, acts, orders, orders and orders.

Such a lawyer is competent to draw up various documents - petitions, petitions, etc., for the conduct of legal proceedings on housing matters. Only on the surface it seems that official documents are standard papers, which are enough to fill in a template. In fact, the agreements governing relations between the parties on housing matters have their own specificities. Only in-depth knowledge of the law allows for the conduct of business, the management of one’s residence or the resolution of disputes in an orderly manner.

Housing Litigation Attorney Kharkov

For example, a person who has decided to invest in the construction of an apartment building requires legal advice on housing issues. Otherwise, large financial losses could be incurred. Also, Kharkovomogut housing lawyers prevent illegal actions of questionable persons who encroach on another’s home.

housing dispute advocate in Kharkiv

Not only housing disputes, consultations in Kharkiv are needed when conflict situations arise. The intention to privatize public housing will also require the intervention of a specialist. The fact is that since the 1990s, when the concept of «privatisation» became a common feature of our citizens, the law has been changed, adjusted and supplemented more than once.

It is not possible for an ordinary person, far from the law, to understand the myriad points, nuances and subtleties. The right decision will therefore be to rely on the knowledge and experience of a lawyer.

So, housing disputes (the lawyer in Kharkiv has this subject at professional level) are better solved with the help of a specialist. This is the only way to protect oneself from property and material losses as well as time wastage and emotional burnout.



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