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Conduct of business and process Conduct of business and process

On December 16, 2014 in Kiev the conference «Business which changes Ukraine» was held in Fairmont Grand…

«On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the regulation of individual issues in the field of provision of housing and communal services» «On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the regulation of individual issues in the field of provision of housing and communal services»

We have already explained about the Draft Law «On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine concerning the Regulation…

Penalties for quarantine violations Penalties for quarantine violations

With the introduction of the quarantine regime in Ukraine and its subsequent continuation, the police…

Minimum age for sexual intercourse established

Under 16 years of age - immature Today, on March 14, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the…

How will the state support farmers in 2019? How will the state support farmers in 2019?

How exactly will the state support farmers in 2019? Financially, advice, what else? In 2019, the…

Participation in the VI All-ukrainian Conference on Criminal Law and Procedure Participation in the VI All-ukrainian Conference on Criminal Law and Procedure

On November 8, our lawyer, the Head of Criminal Practice of UC "Riyako & Partners" - Zinaida Chuprina,…

Changes in judicial practice Changes in judicial practice

Today, judicial practice as a whole is undergoing significant changes. First of all, with the introduction…

Seminar on medical law for doctors Seminar on medical law for doctors

On 18 November, members of the Committee of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Bioethics of the National Academy…

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About company

You need a good lawyer in Kharkiv and Kiev

Then you came to the right place!

There are situations in each person’s life in which the qualified assistance of a lawyer and lawyer is indispensable. From birth registration, marriage, large purchases, contracts, business start-up, employment, divorce and division of property, Pensions and inheritance and filiation are all human life. Unfortunately, many people realize that they need a lawyer too late to change circumstances. It was therefore important to have recourse to a lawyer at the earliest stages of a conflict or legal complexity.

The law company «Riyako and partners» is a team of experienced specialists who are ready not only to help you understand the law and practice, but also to provide practical assistance in solving your problems. The best lawyers and attorneys of Kharkov and Kiev work here, who can become a reliable support in the protection of your rights or interests of your business.

Applying to the law company «Riyako and partners», you can be sure that the professional, the lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev), who specializes in the field of interest to you will take care of your business:

  •  criminal law;
  • civil law;
  • Economic and corporate law;
  • The right to a pension;
  • environmental law
  • Labour law; and Family law; and Inheritance law; and land law;
  • Issues relating to registration and use of vehicles, insurance and post-accident compensation;
  • Banking law and credit and mortgage disputes;
  • Other legal matters.


Услуги адвоката и юриста в Харькове и Киеве могут включать в себя: 

- предоставление юридической консультации в любом удобном для вас формате – устно, письменно, онлайн;

- юридический анализ документов (предварительный анализ и оценка договоров, соглашений, заявлений и пр.);

- составление и подачу различного рода юридически значимых документов – исковых заявлений, жалоб, ходатайств, обращений, апелляций и кассаций, договоров, протоколов и т.д.;

- представительство интересов клиента в различных государственных и негосударственных структурах, правоохранительных органах и судах;

- защита клиента в рамках уголовного производства, производства по гражданскому, административному или хозяйственному делу;

- участие в переговорах по различным юридическим вопросам;

- помощь в регистрации, перерегистрации, прекращении предпринимательской деятельности для физических и юридических лиц;

- полный юридический аутсорсинг для бизнес-структур, компаний и предприятий, включающий юридический аудит, сопровождение деятельности предприятия, содействие в получении лицензий, разрешений на ведение деятельности, в регистрации торговой марки, участие в проведении проверок контролирующими органами, решение споров с налоговой, сопровождение процедуры банкротства и пр.


The services of a lawyer and a lawyer in Kharkiv and Kiev may include: 
Providing legal advice in any format convenient for you - verbally, in writing, online;
Legal analysis of documents (preliminary analysis and evaluation of treaties, agreements, declarations, etc.);
The drafting and submission of various types of legally relevant documents - petitions, complaints, petitions, appeals, cassations, treaties, protocols, etc.;
Representation of the client’s interests in various State and non-State bodies, law enforcement agencies and courts;
Client protection in criminal proceedings or in civil, administrative or economic proceedings;
Participation in negotiations on various legal issues;
Assistance in registering, re-registering and terminating business activities for natural and legal persons;
Full legal outsourcing for business entities, companies and enterprises, including legal audit, support for the activities of the enterprise, assistance in obtaining licences, permits to conduct activities, in registering the trademark, Participation in inspections by the supervisory authorities, resolution of disputes with the tax authorities, support of bankruptcy procedure, etc.


Why would you like to cooperate with us? (Kharkiv Price Attorney, Kiev)


  1. in our company every lawyer and lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev) is competent, has a high level of qualification and impressive experience in the field of law;
  2. Our lawyers are constantly working to improve their own skills and acquire new knowledge, constantly monitoring new legislation, consulting with leading experts;
  3. Each client is guaranteed an individual approach and the best way to solve his problem;
  4. By contacting us, you won’t have to worry about not being able to contact a lawyer - our specialists are available to clients 24/7;
  5. if you urgently need a lawyer in Kharkiv and Kiev - we are ready to provide a specialist at any time;
  6. Our lawyers are ready to intervene at any stage of the proceedings;
  7. we do not promise what we will not be able to do, but we guarantee the most effective solution to the problem with our participation;
  8. if you need a lawyer and a lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev) - the prices for services in our company will certainly please you: we do not set the goal «to beat you to the thread», we are working on the result that would satisfy you first. If you wonder how much a lawyer costs in Kharkiv or Kiev, you will find that we make you an excellent offer guaranteeing the outcome you expect;
  9. we are ready to consider various cooperation options - from one-time execution of the task (drafting of the document, analysis of the contract) to constant support of the activity of your enterprise or performing the role of a family lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev).


Lawyer and lawyer, services in Kharkiv and Kiev

Don’t wait for the problems to become more complicated and snowball. The sooner you realize that you need a lawyer and a lawyer (Kharkov, Kiev), the quicker and painless the solution will be. Well if you need not just a lawyer, but a good lawyer or a lawyer in Kharkiv and Kiev, call us right now! 

You can make an appointment by telephone: 068-624-56-32

You can order a return call in «Feedback» section.

Remember, the speed and quality of solving your problem depends on how quickly you seek help! 

Entrust your problems to professional lawyers and lawyers in Kharkiv and Kiev and your life will become much easier!